December 19, 2013

Photo of the Day: Full Moon and Pixie dusts

I have been trying my hands on Astrophotography and took another shot at it when I saw the full moon last night. Though this is NOT my best shot since I took it from inside the comfort of my house (you would too. Boy! It's friggin' cold outside!), through a misty window and used a different mode. This time I chose TV to manipulate the shutter speed. Though it worked, it wasn't as good as my first one. Check my first moon here. The great thing about this shot is that I captured the minuscule particles in the space not visible to the naked eye. They look like pixie dusts which to most of us, they're stars when they're visible. To see what I'm talking about, you have to look pretty close on the black space just to the left of the moon to see the faded dots. If your eyes are good you'll see the constellation shaped like a kite (Bootes Star).

This photo is taken when the stars were visible, shining brightly and skies were clear. It was a great time to photograph the stars with the full moon as backdrop.


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