December 20, 2013

10 Unusually Unique Christmas Tree Designs

It's that time of the year again where we all go gaga over our trees! I'm sure you are proud of your trees and have put your own creative twist to it. But around the inernetz, there are pretty mighty cool trees out there that are out-of-this-world, unusual yet unique and creative! One of them captured my heart and will be the reason I'm going after-Christmas-sales shopping this year for! Can I say, Bah-humbug!? There goes my Christmas money! But first here are the not-your-typical trees.

1. Perfect tree for the Bookworm

source - My Modern Met, Christmas Tree for Book Lovers 

2. Perfect for the Chief Egg Officer 

Source Egg Carton Christmas Tree - Izismile

3. For the Couch Potato?

Source Cushion Christmas Tree - Izismile

4. Beer Lover's Tree

Source Bottle Christmas Tree - Unbound Edition

5. For the pack-rat

Source Cardboard Christmas Tree - Instructables

6. For the Herbalist 

Source Ginseng Root Christmas Tree - Sparklette

7. For the Traveler {so me!}

Source Suitcase Christmas tree - Plainview

8. The "Everyone-should-have-it" tree

source -  U.S.93.3

9. For the Junk Collector

Source Spindle Christmas tree - Robo Junker

10. For the Drifter?
Source Driftwood Christmas tree - All Driftwood Furniture

Which one is your favorite? Me, I'm in love with the Snowman.


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