November 11, 2015

Getting Crafty with HP's New Sticky-Backed Photo Paper At My #StickaPic Party

This past Saturday, we were able to unleash the endless possibilities of HP's new sticky-backed photo paper and had tons of fun creating, DIY-ing and photo stickin'! Check out the two projects we created and be inspired. They are both timely for the upcoming holidays.

Done watching? Scroll down to see the rest of our party fun.

New Generation Photo Paper
It is such a wonderful treat for creative and crafty DIY-ers when a brand creates a product that keeps up with the time, trend and technology - more importantly, one that involves photos. With the growing popularity of  photo sharing sites like Facebook and Instagram and apps giving you freedom to apply filter and edit your photos into stunning work of art,  it is expected that you will want to do something spectacular with your pictures besides keeping them online.

With HP's new sticky-backed photo paper - which is now available at Staples - powered by its own Social Media Snapshots app, you now have the seamless capability of printing your pictures directly from your smartphone and from your favorite photo sharing site. Now that is liberating!

Unleashing Our Inner Creativity
During our craft party, my lovely co-host, Adriann, an awesome crafter who offers craft classes, gave us two projects to work on incorporating the sticky-backed photo paper. We did Christmas goodie bags and Thanksgiving Cards featuring my Fall photo that was fortunate to be featured on TV and my Christmas photos on both projects. If you want to learn how to make them, just watch the video. It's pretty simple and being able to stick the photo effortlessly makes the project a no-brainer.

Great for the Young Creatives
This removable, re-stickable (totally made that word up, but makes sense) photo paper works great for tweens and teens who love to stick their creative works on their wall. I should know this - I've got one who does just that. I'll say, this photo paper is the new sticky note!

Party Photo Gallery

With the gorgeous +Towanda Long 

With my co-host crafter extraordinaire, Adriann

We've got food! 
Party isn't a party without food. Thanks to the hubby who made the "social media" cupcakes. 

Note of Gratitude
This party almost didn't happen due to unforeseen and unexpected events preceding the day of the party, but in spite of the setbacks, it managed to go through as planned. Huge thanks to my guests who made it possible. They rock!  

Disclaimer: HP provided the products to introduce the new sticky-backed photo paper. The home party is part of the HP Smart Mom program, where Zensible Mama is a member. All opinions are mine, unless otherwise noted.


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