December 25, 2013

Our First Christmas In Our New House

And so it is! We're celebrating our first not-so-white Christmas in our grande nuevo la casa today! Our home. Our sanctuary. It's a long time coming but so worth it! Now, decorating it was a bit of a challenge but I think we managed to pull off a good one. Compared to the smaller house we've lived in  for 10 years, this house is definitely bigger and thus far, requires more decorating!

A challenge we all took to heart. Not that we're trying to keep up with the Joneses but by golly, it's the holidays! A time for some jolly, holly Christmas decorating! It's not brand new so we'll just default to grand. Not grand as the Biltmore Estate kind of way but grand in a homey and inviting kind of way! And yes, we're in love with it!

So welcome to our new home. Indulge us and have a little tour of our grand new home on this fine Christmas day! My family and I want to share to you our little home decor masterpieces and the hard work we put in to make our first Christmas in this house simply memorable! All this before it all goes back in the boxes until it reappears yet again next year. So, Welcome. Welcome.

The Swan family was incorporated in the decor since I didn't want to put it away in storage. I also accentuated the fireplace with colorful cookie tins since we have tons of it. Then I placed 3 different Snowmen in a sled to complete the visual design.

Pillows on the couch were recently given to us as house warming gift and they're from Korea. Its red color was a perfect holiday accent so I tossed them on our dark-colored couch and made the living room "pop" just the way we like it!

I love the "mistletoe" hanging from the hallway. Tons of kisses have already been had this year! And more.

I didn't want to go "traditional" on the stairs railings so I draped a garland and accentuated the ends with big golden ornament balls and it looked simply classy!

I put this bamboo and broom ensemble together to represent my Asian heritage. Very unique and totally different but very attractive as well. It's also a great conversation piece.

Our village had grown tremendously this year. We have to assemble them on a big table to "house" the entire collection. It also have become a family tradition to build the village every year as part of our holiday home decor. One that my daughter looks forward to every time!

We finally found the perfect topper for our tree a few days after we decorated it. A Snowflake! And we love it! It's definitely a keeper. Our Christmas tree have a good story behind it this year. It was the Christmas tree my hubby's Mom gave him when he moved out of his home State to Charlotte. She died Thanksgiving this year. We put up the tree and decorated it grandly in her memory.

I hope you enjoyed the little visual tour of our new home. From my family to yours, Thank you and A very Merry Christmas! 


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