May 16, 2014

Up Close and Personal with The Moms' Night Out Casts and Crew in Hollywood

As of this writing, the movie Moms' Night Out has all been played and shown in theaters nationwide. It was set to coincide with the celebration of the reknown National Moms Nite Out and of course, Mother's day. Well, that's because this movie is all about moms! Sorry dads!

Ironically, I have to take a bit of an MNO from my INSANE schedule myself  - hello packing and moving West to East coast! - just so I can sit my overworked self down and finally write this article. I spent 2 fabulously exciting and glamorous days in Hollywood meeting, mingling, partying and talking with the forces and stars behind this funny movie. It is a tad, tad late I know, but a good story never goes bad. So, here it goes, just as fresh as the day it happened and filled with tons of exciting gossip fodder only for you!

On the onset, I will tell you now that though the movie have gotten mixed reviews, some good, some not-so-good and others rottenly low, I'd say it still is worth the watch! It truly all depends on who is watching it. The consensus is, if you're a mom, you may as well appreciate it. If you're a dad, maybe so-so!

My opinion is that, if you can relate to the movie, you'll appreciate it. If not, you'll think it's cheesy and boring! But then again, isn't that how life and some people are sometimes?

Personally, I have gained an added appreciation of the movie after learning and hearing several casts' share their personal experiences and real-life connection to the movie's storyline during the movie's press junket held at Roosevelt Hotel the next day. I was able to sit down and chat with the major players of the film and interviewed them with gusto!

As Sean Astin related, "It wasn't like playing a certain role anymore because I was literally playing myself in real life and everything just became natural." 

It's not right without an impromptu #selfie 
with my favorite, ahem, Hobbit.

Now I confess and don't call me weird, but I half-expected to see Astin in his Hobbit form! I was almost tempted to tell him that, but now that I think about it, I probably should have. You know, for giggles. But on the other hand, it was refreshing to see another side of him sans the acting. Nice guy. Short and sweet. Though be prepared to get your ears talked off of your head!

Sarah Drew who played the lead role Allyson and the pivotal character of the whole movie is utterly lovely and a lively individual in person. During the interview, I got her to confess a personal experience in real life correlating to one of the touching scenes in the movie.

The closet scene.
I have yet to experience hiding inside my closet to relate to this scene but it was a welcome treat to hear it from someone like Drew. Listen to her confession and maybe laugh with us a lot or little.

Were you able to relate? 

I also got the chance to sit down and chat with the funny guy Roberto Amaya and Alex Kendrick who both starred in the movie hit Courageous ( A dad movie! )

According to Kendrick, "I used to be a minister and portraying a role as a Pastor in this movie was like revisiting my past life."

Alex Kendrick and Robert Amaya

Producer Kevin Downes, who also took a major role in the movie, Director Jon Erwin, who co-wrote with Andrea Nasfell along with his co-director brother Andrew, hinted that due to popular demand, a possible male "MNO" movie version might be considered for their upcoming projects. The plot thickens and it may just be a movie that would pacify the stay-at-home-dads distaste on this mom-centered movie! 

What say you dads?

Funny gal Patricia Heaton was a delight to interview. Being a mother of boys, I asked her how she felt having that opportunity to be a mother to a daughter in this movie. Her funny response, "It was like having both worlds to experience! Then of course, I have a daughter I was paid to be a mother to!"

Perhaps my favorite quote from her when asked why she loves comedy, she quickly said, "Angels can fly because they take their self lightly!" 

Everybody loves Patty!

Our interview with Sammi Hanratty, Abbie Cobb and Andrea Logan White lasted but a mere 5 minutes but Cobb took the lead and made the time totally wacky and fun while she munched on Patty's leftover cookie!

It was one thing to see these stars at the Red Carpet, to watch the premier of a movie with them at the famous Chinese Theater and mingle with them at the famous Lucky Strike for the after-movie party! If you look closely, you'll get a glimpse in the other side of that superficially glamorous life they live. Beneath all that, they're also but humans needing attention and respect like any of us. Although, they have way more money than I do!

I'm reminded of this quote in the movie that probably made an impression to me the most. The words uttered by Allyson. These words:

"I'm a mess, but I'm a beautiful mess. 
I'm His masterpiece. And that's enough."  

Yes I'm a beautiful mess and I'm definitely cool with that!
And you? You're a celebrity fanatic!

+Huge thanks to MomTV and Maria Bailey for inviting me and giving me the "break" I needed from my insane life and giving me the opportunity to experience the Red Carpet in Hollywood. Would totally do it again!

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  1. I loved the movie and Sarah and Sean were part of the reason why! They are both adorable (and I still have a secret crush on Sean Astin from The Goonies).


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