May 7, 2014

My Moms' Night Out At The Red Carpet

I yet again find myself in this unglamorous world of moving and packing and surrounded by these boring brown boxes that never, not in a million years, did I think that I will have a break to do a Moms' Night Out involving a night filled with celebrities, glamming up - in stilletos! -  projecting my inner Marilyn Monroe at first try, and stepping on the famous red carpet, at the Chinese theater in... Hollywood!

Is this real?  
Was I dreaming? 

Except that my toes felt really numb and I walked on the red carpet a few many times like I was one of the movie stars!

I'm still pinching myself.

I should tell you, it was liberating to say the least, to experience something that was also totally unexpected. My word! I got starstruck a few many times too. You would too if you see all them glamorous and fashionably famous celebrities walking down the red carpet and just a hop away from where you stand! 

Is that Kevin Zorbo? Oh.Em.Gee. My Hercules! Of course, I won't tell you that he was my boy crush for the longest time until the show ended. 

Sarah Drew - Lead Star
Oh there goes Patricia Heaton, sprinting towards the theater doors. Darn! Photo op missed.
Yay! Sarah Drew! 

See? It seem so surreal. I'm sure I exhibited deer-on-headlights moments at certain times. I'm just lucky I did not faint like the fainting goat! That would have been, well, too hollywood-y for my style and would have been awkward!

Then this guy screamed, "Go to the Press Junket!" repeatedly from halfway inside the theater door. He was addressing us press people at the cordoned-off section of the red carpet. The movie screening was already delayed beyond schedule and they need to get right on it.

Selfie with my beautiful girls! @AmyBarshegian @MomTalkRadio @Momfluential at the Red Carpet

It was our cue to drop our media acts and go in as regular movie-goer folks. Although nothing is short of regular in this scenario. We were invitees and we are watching a premier of a movie inside a jam-packed theater full of celebrities and top-rated media peeps! It was to me, again, like a dream. A very nice dream. I was with great friends - Mom friends - watching a good movie about moms! Us...Moms.

Andrea Nasfell

Jon Erwin

To give you quick snippets without giving away spoilers, Mom's Night Out written by Andrea Nasfell and co-written by Jon Erwin, with a powerful cast including Sean Astin, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Trace Adkins to name a few, is the surest way to get a good laugh when you're having an insane mom moment or moments! Which I have plenty of. The movie did a good portrayal of how it is to be a mom and needing a break to go have fun with adult friends! You can't almost help but say "That's me, that's my life as a mom right there to a tee!

Trace Adkins, Sammi Hanratty and Abbie Cobb

Lighthearted humor is strategically injected to represent every struggles we, moms, encounter in our everyday momhood. A funny approach which certainly makes you appreciate yourself as a mom more and giving us that knowledge that YOU and I are NOT ALONE in these struggles, simply makes our role as a mom more bearable. 

Needless to say, this is a film that appreciates you and me as a mom and we're celebrated for being one! The movie officially opens in theaters on May 9th - in time for Mother's day. And then of course, the event that started it all, National Mom's Nite Out - founded by my good friend Maria Bailey, whose name is included in the movie credits, is tomorrow, May 8th! 

Moms, this is your chance to go have fun and take that much needed Moms' Night Out. Gather your mom friends and go see the movie! You'll thank yourself for it, trust me. I was skeptical about the movie at first but then I had a blast after seeing it!

And hey moms, Happy Mother's day!


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