April 7, 2014

DIY + Recycle: Unique Gift Wrapper Using Old Calendar

I'm one who always want something unique, with personality and decoratively creative. Moreover, I love to recycle and save money. In this project, I was able to put these factors together and came up with these cute designs for my daughter's birthday - turning old Calendar pages into decorative gift wrappers that will blow your mind away but not your budget! 

Choosing the right images to use, plays a crucial role in making these gift wrappers presentable (no pun intended). In this project, I selected the Easter eggs, flowers and the clover - all totally relating to the recipient who is a Spring baby and loves Clover. Then I added in a little bit of creativity using Calendar charts and highlighted the number my celebrant's age is celebrating.

Tools and Materials:
Calendar pages (preferred images)
Flower Stickers
Jute Twine
Fiskars Crimper
Ek Large Punch - Retro Flower
White Paper or Easel Paper roll
Martha Stewart Deep Edge and corner punches (or use Fiskars Paper edger scissors)
Glue sticks
Transparent tape

Note: Wrap all the gift boxes in white paper before proceeding to add the designs. You can use Easel Paper roll or white paper taped/glued together and big enough to cover the size of your gift item.

Spring Flowers - a) First I covered the box with white paper, then added decorative borders on the image selected using my Martha Stewart Crafts Deep Edge punch.

b) Gave it personality by crimping the paper with my Fiskars Crimper.

c) Placed it on top of the gift box and accessorized it with Retro flower cut-outs all over the box - thanks to my EK Retro Flower Large Punch.

d) I finished it off with a brown Jute twine, a strip of paper ribbon, crimped, and topped with a Flower sticker.

Clover - a) I cut the calendar page to size then added decorative borders using my Martha Stewart Crafts Deep Edge corner punch.

b) Accessorized the box with Retro flower cut-outs all over the box cut from the page.

c) I finished it off with a green Jute twine, and topped with a Green-colored Flower sticker.

Easter Eggs - a) Calendar page was crimped and wrapped around the box.

b) Tied a green Jute twine around it and topped it with a strip of paper ribbon, crimped, and a purple-colored Flower sticker.

Calendar Chart - a) I taped several pages of the calendar together in criss-cross pattern, then taped them around the gift.

b) Tied a brown Jute twine around it and topped it with a purple-colored Flower sticker.

c) Circled the number that represents the age of my celebrant and added decorative doodles to it using sharpie pens. - This is my favorite! 

Pouches - These are very simple and cute. a) I crimped the white papers first. Taped edges lengthwise and both ends to seal it.

b) Then I cut a strip of green card stock paper with angled edges, crimped, and punched flower cut outs which I used on the second pouch as accessory. Then decoratively taped them on the front of the pouch as shown above.

c) Tied a brown Jute twine around it and topped it with a green-colored Flower sticker. The other with green.

Since I already have most of the crafting tools, the only thing I purchased was the Flower stickers and twine which costs me $2 at Target.

No doubt about it, my birthday celebrant surely loved them (and her gifts) and best of it all, I got to saved some of the materials I've used and will be recycled when a new project arises! Now that's creative thinking.

As for you, Happy Crafting! 

Did you like these ideas? Let us know. 


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