May 17, 2014

Travel Photography Shot at 65MPH: California Series

On the Poppy Fields on top of a hill in Lancaster, California also known as the Antelope Valley

Most of my out-of-town travels involves riding in a car as a passenger. Either sitting in the front or at the back. I love being a passenger because I get to sight-see. The only funny thing about it is that, there are tremendous amounts of panoramic views and photography-worthy landscapes that I wish I could capture vividly with my camera. Be it with my camera phone or dslr. It is a tricky undertaking of which I'm slowly learning to conquer.

I'm very passionate about capturing these pictures and I hope sharing them with you will inspire you in return. Below are the photos I capture from inside a moving car - I'll tell you the gymnastics involved at a later time. For now, enjoy!

California Series 
Taken with Samsung Note 3 at Approx. 65MPH

Sunset up in the High Desert aka Antelope Valley

My last Sunset in Antelope Valley until my return visit

As seen on my Instagram. Landscape near Tehachapi Mountain loop from the North.

Texture and pattern on the face of a mountain by the roadside on the ride up to
Antelope Valley via Route 14 at approx. 2000 Ft.

Part of Vasquez Rock on Soledad Canyon via Route 14

Another view of Vasquez Rocks via Route 14

Wrightwood Mountains and Mountain High at a distance
 A mountain village and Ski Resort resembling Asheville NC.
Taken after coming down the mountains.

Mojave Desert 

I think they all turned out OK. The only indication that they were all taken from inside a moving vehicle are the hazy, blurry foregrounds on some of the pictures, which I think makes these photos authentically unique!

What do you think?
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