June 5, 2014

What to Wear at The Red Carpet in Hollywood But Nothing Like Rihanna's

If you're going to a Red Carpet event in Hollywood for the first time and you're going nuts trying to figure out what to wear, then this is for you! Yes you, clueless creature. I was once like you. I feel your pain. I feel your stress. And I feel your confusion. If you find yourself reading this, then I can safely bet you're scouring the internetz to find wardrobe help. Well, aren't you lucky?! I've been in your shoes before and totally survived the wardrobe challenge. So, let me help. Either you're going there as an invitee, a media rep or blogger, these tips will target your need!

The Dress.
Here's a great rule to live by:
If you're not a celebrity, don't over-splurge on your dress like the celebrity.

  • But by all means, dress like a celebrity. Go va-va-va-boom with your dress choice but without your piggy bank going kaboom!

  • A simple, yet chic and classy dress fares pretty well at the red carpet. The key here is wearing something that makes you feel good, feels good on you and one that you can totally rock! One that simply makes you feel like one of the stars without the hefty price tag. 

  • The Little (or not so little) black dress always does the trick. You can't go wrong with a well-designed black dress. It is simply versatile! But if you love a little touch of color and print, go for it! 

  • Wear a gown if you must. This is totally a personal choice. If you are a guest and will be in front of the cameras as you walk down the red carpet, I say yes! But if you're covering the event and lugging around a heavy dslr or a personal bag with your gadgets, I advise against it. It's simply AWKWARD. But then again, if you can rock it, be my guest! 

Sidenote: When I first got the invite that I was going to the Red Carpet Event to cover the MNO movie, I panicked! But after doing a little, no, a lot, of research on "what to wear", I came to a personal Mantra that I should "let the dress speak" and "less is more". And a little accessorizing actually helps!

Here are some fabulous Red Carpet Dresses worn by women at the recent MNO Movie in Hollywood.

Knee-length dress and gowns 

Knee-length dresses, laces, solid colors and sparkly ones, was a common sight.

If you look close, you'll notice that these women barely wore jewelries. They're letting the dress speak! And they sure did a great job with it. Rihanna anyone?

Now, the SHOES!

My killer shoes. Yes, killer. It "killed" my toes after an hour standing. 

Heels on the red carpet is a given on the red carpet but oh boy! It's like wearing HELL on your feet. I found that out firsthand. And so did most of the women on that closed-off section intended for media, press and bloggers, where we were. "My toes are numb!" was our unified mantra! Our shoes were like Jekyll and Hyde. Pretty on the outside and so ugly in the inside.

But it's a different story if you're walking down the carpet. I saw celebrities, wearing wedges, flat shoes and pretty bling-ed out ones. Again, this is all about personal style!

So, there ya go!

Word of the wise. If it [dress] makes you pretty and confident and you can pull it off with style, go you! At the end of the day, it is your style that matters!

Be fabulous!

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  1. Wow! It would be a dream to walk the red carpet in a fancy dress! I hope to someday. Thanks for the tips.


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