June 13, 2014

The Movie Sequel That Will Take Your Breath Away...Literally!

If you've seen the original movie of How To Train Your Dragon and loved it, I'll tell you now that you'll find the sequel packed with a little more to love! The 3D movie which opens in all theaters today, June 13th, offers its viewers a high-octane adventure and over-the-top excitement for all ages! Also, make sure to bring a box of tissue because you will cry!  Yes, cry. This movie is not only packed with roller coaster fun, but also overflowing with raw emotions that will touch the core of your soul.

Good as the first. 
I always say that sequels never fair well in comparison to their original ones but this movie may just have proven me wrong because we never got that "Ah, the first one is better" impression at the end of the movie. Which is a bit surprising because we tend to be very critical with our personal judgment when it comes to movies we have come to love. So far, this movie was able to hold its own greatness with flying dragons, er, color.

The Human saga and Spoilers ahead.
Nothing beats a good story when it comes to injecting a touch of drama that resonates with viewers. As a warning, there will be a few spoilers as I go on, so read at your own risk.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 delves into four obvious themes; leadership, forgiveness, reconciliations and loyalty. You'll hear these words "Protect your own" mentioned quite a few times in the entirety of the movie, enforcing leadership qualities that Hiccup have to abide to as he became the new Chief of their tribe at the sudden death of his father. His sacrificial death that saved his son from the fatal attack of Hiccup's own dragon, Toothless, who was mentally controlled by the evil Drago's Black Alpha Dragon.

Family reunion and forgiveness.
Here's a surprise twist that caught us all by surprise! The revelation of Hiccup's mother being alive and who also happens to be the legendary caretaker of wounded and abandoned dragons under the protection of the ice-breathing White Alpha Dragon. It was a great maneuver that puts you at the edge of your seat as discovery of her identity by both Hiccup and his father Stoick, who later forgave and reconciled with his long-lost, thought-to-be-dead wife, was played out halfway through the movie and of which also played with our human emotions. Yes, it made us cry!

Loyalty and love.
Along with forgiveness, loyalty was the culminating factor towards the end of the movie. This is very evident on the scene where Hiccup was trying to regain possession of Toothless from the grasp of Drago and from his Alpha Dragon's mind control. Initially, Hiccup out of anger, blamed Toothless for his father's tragic death and drove him away. But their love and bond for each other and Toothless' loyalty to his beloved rider enabled him to free himself and gave him renewed power to fight Drago and defeat his Black Apha Dragon! This, with a little help from the rest of the army of dragons that also fell under the Black Apha dragon's spell previously!

In the end, the beloved Night Fury became the Alpha Dragon! A triumphant success that shows greatness doesn't come in big sizes but in determination, passion for life and love for others!

In Summary.
This movie is enjoyable from beginning to end. A few tears and surprises in between but it's all in good fun. Expect lots of laughters too because this movie is also funny! A great family movie night option that the whole family will surely love. Lots of life lessons to be had. Great for kids 4 and up and those who love Dragons! It's also grandma-approved!

(I could have said grandparents-approved but we don't have any living grandpa to bring to the movie with grandma! So grandma it is, but feel free to bring yours. They'll love it! )

Now, I can't wait for the How To Train Your Dragon 3! Can it come soon enough?

* This review is made possible by 20th Century Fox who extended an exclusive movie screening invite. All opinions are solely mine and I guarantee you'll have fun with this movie. The only thing I can't guarantee is you going home with a Dragon! Though I think that would be nice. Your opinions may vary. 


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