June 26, 2014

10 Dirt Cheap Summer Activity for the Whole Family

Amazing view at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve picnic area - Huntersville NC

I know what you're thinking. The kids are home. It's Summer. You know what that means! You're stuck at home with each other 24/7. I don't blame you if you are kicking and screaming at the reality of it all right now. Pulling all your hairs out yet? I'm not one bit surprised. The thought of cabin fever creeping in is never pleasant! What does one do? Instinct tells you to find Summer activities. You need your sanity intact! But can you afford these activities? Well, you can - creatively!

I didn't know how lost I would be at simply trying to figure out which Summer activity option is doable for my daughter that won't cost me an arm and a leg. And my thing is, if I'm going to be the glorified chauffeur anyway, might as well find something that I can be part of and benefit from it too. So, this prompted my quest to find affordable,  better yet,  free activities that is good for both me and my daughter and also great for other families.

I found a few that totally works! Even the most bored tot in your family may actually enjoy it! All you need to do is simply add your own creative twist to it and be open to the potential of each options!

Cornelius Public Library - Cornelius NC

Here are some FREE or Almost-Free and dirt-cheap Summer Fun Activities to be had:

1. Library - Local libraries offer Free Summer programs for all ages. It is a great place to bring your bookworm kids to hangout and chill away from the Summer heat. Some local libraries also offer computers where they can feed their geek needs. It's also the perfect venue to catch some peace and quiet!

2. State Park - What better place to spend all that surging energy within? Nothing beats an open space where the children can literally run all day. State Parks have plenty of that! It also gives you plenty of option for family picnics. Most parks have picnic tables and shelters. Best of all, some parks have a creek or lake alongside it where hot feet can cool down. 

3. Mall - Big shopping centers have play areas for kids. Best time to go is at opening time. After they're done playing, you can all go window shopping! Or you can go outside and hit the open fountains and have fun in the water! Now that's hitting not just two, but three birds with one bullet. 

4. Swimming Pool - If your community have it, make use of it. With Summer heat rising, it's the best place to cool off. The children will thank you for it. Don't have it? Get invited by friends who have it in their community! You can also visit your State's Aquatic Center for FREE swimming lessons if you're children love the sport, even if not, it's still a fun option to go to when it's hot out! Daily admission rates are also affordable!

5. Movie Theater - Entertainment made easy and affordable. Escape the summer heat and bust boredom with Summer movies that are deeply discounted or occasionally free in your local theaters participating in the program. Most theaters charge $1 per movie. Talk about huge discounts and cheap form of entertainment for the whole family!

6. Bookstore - Library too quiet for your children's temperament? Haul them over to your nearest bookstore where they have a wider variety of book choices and more space to explore in as you park yourself in their cafe for a drink or two of your favorite coffee and a book or magazine to calm your nerves. Check their story-telling schedules too for added adventure!

7. Local Art Camps - For the creative bunch, local community arts organizations can be a great alternative for your Picasso's and Da Vinci's. They have various Summer programs that may be a good fit for your budget and your sanity. 

8. Museums - Children's museums and other area attractions offers group discounts. Works best when you have other parent friends who are also desperate to try every other options to avoid going Summer stir-crazy!

Here are some local attractions that offer group discounts:
Raptor Center Group discount
Discovery Place Group discount
Charlotte Nature Museum Group discount
Levine Museum of the New South Group discount

9. Camping - If you're feeling the effect of cabin fever, go camping and feel the freedom of being outdoors! Great option if you've been cooped up long enough indoors and just needed to be in touch with your "wild" side! Camping sites offer a variety of option to enjoy the wilderness without breaking your bank! 

10. Playdates - My favorite option of all - trade playdates with friends! Works all the time and it's guaranteed to make everyone happy if not having tons of fun! Well, except for the adult watching them that is.
    Some bonus ideas:
    Hang out or chill in a cafe other than Starbucks.
    Visit a local Farmer's Market.
    Cool down at an Ice cream shop.

    Possibilities are endless... You just gotta be creative in the ways you approach them.

    I hope this works for you! Say Hello to Summer with open arms - and happy pockets!

    Life Unlimited!


    1. I am DYING to see the Latta plantation!!! But whoa.. it just got HOT as in fry EGGS kind of hot.. I might wait till fall for Latta?? :) Love your ideas here though!!

    2. I'll stick with museums for now eh?? :)


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