November 2, 2013

My Husband Loves Boobs!

The Boobie Warrior

Breast Cancer Awareness month has once again come to a close for the year! And 2013 is my hubby's 6th year crewing with Avon Walk for breast cancer and counting - to save the boobies! I'm a proud wife bar none. Each year, I feel nothing but pride and admiration for him and his solid dedication to volunteer for this cause that have a very significant meaning to him. A couple of years ago, he lost a sister to the disease after years of fighting and suffering

Each time, I would attend the closing ceremony with my daughter so that we can be surrounded by people who also love boobies and brimming with passion and determination to help find the cure and save someone by walking 39 miles! An inspiring scene that I can never tire being a part of.

Each time, I would shed a tear or two. Each one of those individuals, either walking, volunteering or simply there to support a family walking, are there for someone whom they've lost or in the midst of a fight. It's a place I'd rather be because these are unselfish people. People I want my daughter to see and be surrounded with. A place where she can see her father giving unselfishly and learning from it...

and from the members in his team. And why he and all these people loves boobies!

Each time, we have fun seeking him out in the crowd of people making a difference when they're called to the front to be recognized. It is, thankfully, an easy task since his head sticks out like a sore thumb above everyone else because he is THAT tall. Which works quite well with "shorty" me.

Each time, we appreciate the sacrifices these thousands of people make, including my hubby's. Who is out the door by 5-ish in the chilly, freezing Fall morning up until 10 at night coming home dirty and stinky. But it's Ok. We support him wholeheartedly and that we are Ok sacrificing our family weekend, once every year to give way to this great cause because we know it's worth it!

And each time, we are blessed.

Another husband who loves boobies!

Each time, we do it in memory of Val, in honor of our friend Diane,in tribute to our friend Jo, and to all those who are in the midst of the fight! They are the many reasons my hubby loves boobies!

For now, all the pink-colored reminders are stashed away for the year until yet again next year. And bet on it, my hubby and we, are already set to help save more boobies in 2014!

And remember, whichever husband or man or woman that doesn't love boobies, should burn in pink flames!

May the power of boobies be with ya!


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