November 2, 2013

Got Yourself A Motherload of Halloween Candy?

photo courtesy of Operation Gratitude
Ok Fess up! Who's got a hoard of Halloween Candy that's too much they can't care less about? Alright I'm raising my hands and quick. It's our first Halloween in this new house and much to our excitement with the prospect of Trick-or-Treating and doling out candies to neighborhood kids, it was a doozy! Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of kids in this neighborhood that went out to take advantage of the only night they get to collect tons of free candies. Boo! We were left with enough candies to give us cavities for a month! And possibly a frequent visit by the tooth fairy if we don't get rid of it. So, we shall get rid of it...and sweetly of course.

In the same shoes or boat as I? Well, stop the fretting and check out Halloween Buy Back Program. They accept surplus Halloween candy for donations and will be sent to our troops overseas as part of the Operation Gratitude's Holiday Care Packages. Now that's a sweet treat or what?!

Drop-off locations will be at dentist clinics. Check your local dentist clinics if they are participating here. Operation Gratitude also accepts hygiene items if you are interested in sending more than your extra candies. Check the list here. Now start packing those candies and give a soldier/s some sugar rush real soon! :-)


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