May 8, 2013

The World Inside CNN Center Atlanta

After our fun adventure at the World of Coca- Cola and brief detour to  Centennial Olympic Park, Thanks for "walking" with us, we detoured next towards CNN Center, which was just across the street from the Park. The Center was packed with athletes! It was at the height of the NCAA competition and the place was abuzz with lots of actions and activities from delegates from all over the country. So crowded, even the Studio tour that day was ALL SOLD OUT and we didn't get in! Boo! But there was enough to see inside the center to while our time away and we continued to explore...the gift shop!

The first thing that will catch your eyes upon entry is the big globe overhead and the parade of flags from all over the world hanging decoratively around the interior of the building's main lobby. As you may have guessed, my first instinct was of course, to find my birth country's flag, The Philippines. It took a while but I did find it!

The inside of CNN looks like a mini-shopping center dolled up with boutiques and a food court vended by your well-known fast food restaurants to satisfy any hungry visitor wanting to get a quick bite before rushing off to another attraction! It's a great option to stop to if you're ever near the vicinity. As for us, we may be lucky on our next visit and get to do the Studio tour.



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