April 12, 2013

Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park

One of the 65-foot Hermes Towers that stood around the
Fountain of Rings

And we continue to explore...After our fizzytastic and soda-mizing visit at  World of Coca-Cola Museum, and with plenty of time left to chill, we decided to be adventurous, just like what smart travelers usually do, and took a little exploratory walk at the park which was just across the street -- Centennial Olympic Park. Unfortunately, the whole section of the Great Lawn was closed off to the public. Knowing us, we found a way, literally, to enjoy a walk along the Reflecting pool and marveled at the gigantic "torches" {Hermes Towers} that surrounds the Fountain of Rings, this, as we enjoyed a cup of Italian ice while attempting to hide under the shade of a tree, away from the simmering Atlanta heat!

Street performers doing their thang!

The park is vast and historical that it is heartwarming to have that chance to see and be at the site that once hosted the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and experience a piece of that history! Though it was a regular Saturday at the park when we were there and not much going on, it was unmistakably teeming with life and action from delegates of the NCAA March Madness competition, who were all over the park either rehearsing, cheering, relaxing or simply walking around like what normal tourists do -- checking out the place just as we!

To explore further, the park is also walking distance to some other attractions like the Georgia Dome and just right across the street is the CNN Center -- and our next detour. Walk along with us to the next post... Yes, this way please...


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