May 8, 2013

Life Under the Sea Comes Alive at Georgia Aquarium

The World of Coca-Cola was our second major destination during our Atlanta visit, followed by our last destination - Georgia Aquarium, which is deemed the world's largest aquarium in the world, boasting of 600,000 square footage, it literally gives one a very close look in to the abysmal kingdom of fascinating creatures that lives under the sea. A rare glimpse that continue to amaze anyone who visits the attraction and gives one that feeling of wanting to go back to it over and over again. You can't help but be spellbound!

The same potent "spell" casted upon my daughter, who immediately fell in love with the Beluga whales. A love at first sight. "They are very sweet and have a playful personality and they're white!" she squealed delightfully when asked what her favorite animal in the entire facility was.

Needless to say, we spent a chunk of our time gazing, watching and admiring the Beluga whales with her during our first visit at the aquarium and it's all worth it!

Entrance to the acrylic tunnel

Inside the Aquarium

The Exhibits

There are five (5) main exhibits featuring different themes and displays of diverse creatures from all over the world including the local inhabitants native to Georgia.

  • Ocean Voyager - Is the crowd's favorite. It was the first exhibit we opted to see. This is where you'll find the acrylic tunnel where you can opt to walk, ride the moving ramp, or take your time and stand in front of the acrylic viewing window and be mesmerized by thousands of fish, including whale sharks, mantas and huge Goliath Grouper fishes swimming above and around you. Simply a delight to see!
  • Coldwater Quest - My daughter's favorite exhibit. This is where the Beluga Whales are displayed along with the weedy Sea Dragon, giant Japanese Spider Crabs and penguins!
  • River Scout - I love looking at the overhead river in this exhibit. It features river animals found in Africa, South America, Asia and in Georgia. Make sure to check the Piranhas and white alligators!
  • Tropical Diver - A great display of a live coral reef and the colorful creatures that thrive in this environment. 
  • Georgia Explorer - Young ones and young-once get lots of fun in the touch pools full of horseshoe crabs, sea stars and rays. 

Beluga Whales viewed from inside Oceans Ballroom

My favorite fish - Red Lion Fish


Dolphin Tales - is one of the main shows included in the general admission ticket. A must-see if you have kids with you. It's a musical offering that would have been more entertaining if the dolphins were given more parts to perform in the show and less singing from actor/singer playing the lead role. Overall, it's still worth the see when you're done exploring the other exhibits.

Deepo's Undersea 3D Wondershow - Kids are always tickled with the interactive effect of this show. It's a great option for entertaining restless and bored kids. Even adults appreciates this show. It has a lesson that viewers young and old will truly appreciate.

Cafe Aquaria Food Court  - We adored the way the food court is set up and the food choices are impressive. Even my vegetarian hubby was able to find a meal that he can eat and enjoy! I do commend the aquarium for the wide food varieties they have to satisfy their hungry customers.

Viewing window inside Oceans Ballroom

Useful Tip: 
If you love the Beluga Whales just like my daughter, go to the Ocean's Ballroom located above the Food Court. There is a viewing area there for both the Beluga whales aquarium and the Ocean Voyagers' on the other side of the room. The room is relatively empty and you get an unobstructed view of both the aquarium. Best of all, it's quiet. Great place to chill and relax away from the hustle and bustle inside the crowded aquarium.

During this visit the whale slide above the Georgia Explorer was close for renovation.


Watch the video directly on our channel: A Close Look Under the Sea at Georgia Aquarium


This is our first visit to the Aquarium and reminded me of  the aquarium I visited in Singapore, the Underwater World, who also boast of an acrylic viewing tunnel. Georgia Aquarium definitely lives up to it's title as the largest aquarium in the world. There's a lot to see and it have a lot to offer to families and their children to enjoy! Definitely a great vacation destination during the Summer or anytime of the year!

Georgia Aquarium was our last stop in our Atlanta Road Trip. We can't wait to come back and revisit all the wonderful attractions they have to offer visitors like us! Great road trip!

+Georgia Aquarium provided one media pass and a discount for additional tickets purchased to cover this story and experience the attraction. All opinion are ours.


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  1. I love that aquarium! I live in Baltimore, but my folks arer in Atlanta and took us there.


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