March 9, 2013

The Day in Photos: E is for Eggs + Recipe and Decorating ideas #365PhotoProject

Think Easter or omelette and what have ya? Eggs! Eggcelent eggs. Yummy hard-boiled or Fluffy omelette. Ok I'm getting myself hungry. But yes, eggs my friends. E is for eggs! That's our featured alphabet today.

Click on the Keep reading if you're on the preview page, if not,  just scroll down for an Eggcelent recipe you won't want to miss!

My favorite breakfast recipe made with eggs and some yummy goodness:  Black Bean and Salsa Burrito

And since we've touched on Easter, get ready for some cool Easter Egg decorating ideas that will blow your creative minds away {not in reality of course, or that would be, um, messy} compiled by DIY Crafty Projects: 50 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas. They're fantabulous!  

I Pinky promise. And I don't do pinky promise too lightly.

On to F!

365 days in photos is a photo project in my attempt to capture life, the world around it, and its essence each day through photos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it lasts longer. Photo tips included. 

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