December 24, 2012

Wiseman's View One of High Country NC's Best Kept Secrets

Hawksbill Mountain on the left

Ever heard of the cliche' "you don't have to go too far to discover great tourist spots in your own backyard?" Or you know, to that effect? Well, I should tell you that discovering Wiseman's View recently certainly falls into this category. Perhaps one of few remaining nature parks left untouched by modern development and considerably best kept secrets of the high country in the Carolinas.

Table Rock Mountain

Kept so secret, not a lot of online coverage is dedicated to the park unless you are a hiker or a mountain trekker that wrote about your recent visit to the park. The road leading up to Wiseman's View is also very telling. (8) Eight miles of rugged, twisted, unpaved road that only the regular trekker of the area can easily, and I should say, safely maneuver their car through and over a huge, nature-formed bump on the dirt road and arrive at the park in one piece! Whew, thanks Cody!

The viewing perch located in between 
Hawksbill and Table Rock Mountains

Wiseman's View Dudes! Or Men in what? Cody and @dalefg

Wiseman's View sits atop the western side of the Linville Gorge with perches that provides great vantage points overlooking Hawksbill Mountain and the Table Rock Mountain. And the best thing about it? It's an easy, short hike from the parking lot! And check this out. Ever seen an honest-to-goodness outhouse? There's one right there. A Yipee!!! for those who pee a lot! Better than hiding in the bushes ya know!

Linville River 4000 feet below - Thanks to telephoto lens

Now here's a little local secret on Wiseman's view. Veer off to the left upon reaching the top of the trail leading to the perches, hop over the safety fence into a hidden clearing where a flat rock jutting out of the side of the mountain can be found. People who know the area camp on this side of the mountain and offers a closer view of the gorge below.

Panoramic view from the hidden camp site at Wiseman's View.
That rock wall is famous to rock climbers with a camping site
halfway up. See rest of photos below.

Love letters in the hidden camp

The photo on the lower left is a camp site on the wall
of the mountain accessible only by rock-climbing.

Straight ahead is where home is. Charlotte.
Visible during clear days and nights.

It's easy getting lost going up Wiseman's View if you're new to the area. Even GPS isn't too reliable. Check this direction provided by this travel site HERE then cross your fingers and hope you get there!

It's worth it!

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  1. Gorgeous shots! I still haven't done my blog post on this spot, but will soon!!! So glad you visited and isn't Cody the best of the best?


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