July 3, 2012

How to BEAT the Summer {HIGH} Heat

With all these heat, I almost want to live in the water like a mermaid...er, without the fish smell...

If you're literally melting from all these heat, no, blazing heat, you're not alone! ZOWMG! Summer came with a vengeance this year. To say it's hot is an understatement. Whoa! It is blazing hot! The heat topping at 106 in Charlotte is almost like being transported back to Kuwait in the middle of Summer. Hot, hot, hot!

So hot, I almost wished I was a mermaid and living under the sea like these girls in my favorite show H20: just add water. But nah that's just crazy wishing. I'd rather hole up inside my house, blast the AC and never come out at all, but of course, that's crazy impossible as well! Just as crazy when we couldn't cancel our scheduled house hunting appointment with our Realtor this past blazing hot weekend and got exposed to the harsh element. Ouch! The beauty of finding another house to move into...

Craaazzzahy. But yeah, we went anyway. Not even the heat stopped us but we ain't stoopidly crazy so we went prepared!

Oh boy! These are sure-fire ways to beat the heat when it's blazing hot out there:

1. Water - Yes, H20 boys and girls. Trust me, this will be your BFF out there. High heat can easily dehydrate you. It's like being in the desert, you'll get thirsty real quick! Don't leave home without it!

2- Water Spray Misters - You'll thank yourself if you pack one of these bad boys inside your man-wallet or coaches. Nothing else cools you down quick than a blast of cool spray of water especially when you're walking on a concrete ground. Or getting inside a car that feels like an oven. Ah the blasted heat!

3- Golf Umbrella - Under the sun and under the blaring heat? Not a good idea. Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and the heat with a good umbrella that can shield you from melting your make-ups too!

4- Wide Brim Hat - Not a big fan of umbrellas? Then a fashionable hat with really wide brim shall do the trick for you. You're protected from the sun and makes you look really classy too! Now that's a fashion win!

5- Ice Cooler - Lifesaver. Fill it with ice or ice packs, store your water bottles in and you're ready for the hot day ahead. You'll have a place to keep your water constantly cold too. Now that is refreshing!

6- Water Jug - Keeping a generous amount of water while on the go on a hot day is the best favor you can do for yourself. It's great to have refills anytime when you need it especially if you are house hunting like us.

7- Wash Cloth - Think wet, cold, wash cloth on your forehead, face and back of neck while you're out  under a blaring hot day. Refreshing, right? Nothing beats cooling you off with a touch of a cool wash cloth next to your skin. Great thing about it, you can re-wet and re-apply!

Note: If you must bring. Put wash cloth in a container filled with water. Store it inside cooler to keep it cold for when you next need it.

8- Sunglasses - With all the blaring heat and bright sun, having a big bad boy or girl sunglasses is a must! The glare is awful during the Summer. You need to protect your eyes! Best thing about it? You get to be trendy too! Another fashion win!

Go and enjoy the Summer by arming yourself properly. You wouldn't want to end up like sun-dried prunes, would you?

Or, got any "beat the Summer heat" tips to share?

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**This is not a sponsored post. Products featured here are items I personally use or own and recommend. Though a sponsored post would have been nice!** 


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