July 2, 2012

Hobnobbing Over Dinner with TWIN @TypeAParent

One of the perks I love about being a part of a community like TWIN is the opportunity to network and commune with other women in the blogging society. And not just any women I dare say! These women are huge "wowza!" Huge in great character and influence - Shhh...what I really wanted to say were that these women are oozing with bodaciousness, bootyliciousness and beautifulness - I'm almost jealous! But of course, you won't hear me saying that in here. Are you nuts?

See what I mean though!!! Not counting the "vampire eyes" of course. Camera decided to be "silly".

Thanks to Amanda @DumbMom for sharing this pic with me.

But seriously. These ladies are truly lovely lots. I think someone even mentioned a girl-crush!? Yeah. You would too. Just look at AmyBHole for instance. Now that's some mighty fine lady right there y'all. I'm in love with her Southern drawl and can listen to her all day. In this instance, all night! But I had to go home and sleep! Dang.

Let's move on to food before I say anything else crazy.

We went to Mimosa Grill. Fancy restaurant. Fancy food. Lovely hosts. Fabulous group of women. Can't be more perfect than that. And the Creme Brulee? One word. Yummmyyyyy!!! I ate it all. I hated the scale the next day. Or it hated me, because when I look at the numbers, all I can say was "Whaaattt!!???" Yeah that.

My husband swore I could have killed a scale that day if I wanted to.

But I've had a good time. I met Semester 2 members. Got to hang out with fellow Semester 1'ers. Got to meet Claudia and LOL with Edita. Sat next to AmyBHole, who by the way, gave me permission to call her just THAT. Blown away by Christen's height - Man! just look at how tall she is in the picture . Then found out Fadra is another introvert like I, which made me go "say whaattt? I think not".

Looking out the glass window, it was a great night in Charlotte. And a great night to be out with great women like these lovely gals. Though I wish I can say the same for the hideous pound I gained the next day...


But it's all good. It was in my town. In my City. I love it.

Thank you Toyota. Thank you Clever Girls.

You're totally mighty clever for putting this wonderful dinner together at Type A Parent Conference.

Woooooooo!!! Right Edita? Woooooo?! :-)

*Zensible Mama is an exclusive member of TWIN. All opinions are ours.*


  1. So fun to connect and grub with all of you ladies! BlogHer?!

  2. OMG I LOVE this post! You are hilarious! I was so happy to be able to spend time with my fellow TWINS and especially spend time getting to know you that night. I heart you too.


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