December 24, 2011

My Give-licious Reason for { My Birthday } Season

with Emily Nesbitt of Haven of Hope House Charlotte NC
receiving the toys
It feels darn good to be able to do something for others and give them a small token of gift especially on a day where you're supposed to be the one who should be receiving gifts! This is how my birthday is now. Three days before Christmas. It isn't as exciting as one thinks since I always get 2-in-one gifts growing up, but rather than sulking about what the past had been, I decided it's time I do something different now that I'm rather older mature. And that I did! This is the second year I'm doing Zensible Mama Gives as part of my birthday celebration... and it feels wonderful!

Teaching my little Elf the gift of giving early in life
Wonderful to be able to share blessings to children who doesn't have much or have nothing at all this Christmas. And wonderful more, to have Cepia LLC - makers of the infamous Zhu Zhu pets, a partner in this endeavor 2 years in a row! Their generosity through their RAZ (Random Acts of Zhu) Program have been instrumental in helping bring smiles and happiness to the children in my community. And I'm so blessed to be a part of it all!

Best of All? It is helping me teach my own child the gift of giving and every year, that gift keeps growing.

To join my adventure in giving, watch the video below and be blessed as well. Zensible Mama Gives 2011 recipients this year are Haven of Hope House, Bright Blessings, Prohealth and Wellness Chiropractic Toy Drive, and several families in different communities (due to privacy reasons, I can't disclose their identities).

My heartfelt thanks to Cepia LLC, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Hanes Comfort Sock and to all my family and friends who made this year successful yet again!

For there is nothing more heartwarming than to see a child's face lit up with excitement as they receive a gift they never thought they'll ever get... And to be able to make a difference in the life of even one child is great blessing enough! So, if you can, give the gift of giving to your child this Christmas and start a tradition that's so priceless, it will lasts a lifetime!

From my home to yours...A very Blessed Christmas!

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  1. That is so wonderful!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank You Stacie! I hope your Christmas was Merry too.

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