November 29, 2011

DIY: Fall Leaf and Tree Branch 3D Wall Art Poster

Fall is almost over and most of the trees are about all bald and spines. Before that last leaf fall, try your hands on this attractive 3D Wall Art poster that I put together as a creative reminder of how beautiful the leaves of the trees around my yard are each Fall. One of my walls was also naked and this project was the perfect decor' solution!

Go take a quick walk around your yard or neighborhood and collect your preferred leaves and branches. Let your creative mind select the best materials for you.
In this project, I picked out supple leaves and some I took directly from the tree including the branches. You wouldn't want your materials too dry. Crunchy materials will be a nightmare to work with.

Materials: Semi-dry leaves, tree branches, mod podge regular glue and with glitters, glue gun, glue stick, scissor and a foam board (color is up to you).

Let's get creative.

1- Arrange your materials according to your desired design. Re-arrange until you get your final look.
2- Glue the twigs using your glue gun first but first cut off sticking branches on the side you will glue to the board.
3-  Glue the leaves next, also using glue gun. Cut off unwanted stems.
4- Seal each leaves with the regular mod podge glue. You can use a watercolor brush to apply the glue. The sealer will preserve the leaves and will make it lasts longer.

5- After you're done with the leaves, continue on with the entire branch.
6- Add a little oomph to your leaves by applying mod podge glitter.
7- Let your project dry. Normally it takes 15- 20 mins but depends on how thick you applied your sealer.
8- Once dry you're done and you can hang your poster wherever you like. To finish my project, I added a little cute 2011 on the side.

Three weeks passed and my leaves are still looking super, the branches are firm and supple! I hope you enjoy this project! Do you like it? Let me know what you think of it.

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  1. I LOVE this, the kids and I made something kind of similar recently, wish I'd thought to use some of those beautiful fall leaves like you did (and great idea on the sparkle mod podge), instead we used dyed seeds, glitter, fabric scraps and buttons to make the leaves.

  2. You are one creative lady, Maricris! Love how you pull together the most beautiful items from nature to make a masterpiece. Bravo!


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