November 9, 2011

DIY: Bookmarks From Repurposed Christmas Cards

This is the Bookmark Tutorial which is an accompaniment to the first series of the DIY project using repurposed Christmas cards. These bookmarks came from the same cards where I created the set of 4 adorable coasters from. You can see the first part of the DIY project here: Coasters Tutorial.

The finish products: Coasters and Bookmarks from repurposed cards

So while I'm drinking my Chai Tea, let's get on with the Bookmark project. This is pretty simple and doesn't take 15 minutes to make.

1. Materials. You'll need glue (liquid or stick), paper cutter, Fiskar decorative scissors (to add decorative trimmings on your message blocks), hole puncher, ruler and pencil, ribbons and old or unusable greeting cards.

2- Outline the size and height of your bookmarks and trace a straight line where you need to cut.

3- Cut the desired shape of the messages you wanted featured on your bookmark. Trim the message blocks with the Fiskars scissors to your desired design. Set aside.

4- Cut two identical size of the same design from the card. One side for front and one for the back for asymmetry but more so, to hide the undesired design within. Apply glue and stick both pieces together. Add the finishing touches. Stick the message blocks on the front of your bookmark. Punch a hole. Add the ribbon. Done! A brand-new spanking bookmark made by you!

These bookmarks make for a perfect gift for that special bookworm you know! Also as a great complement to a book you intend to give as a gift or simply a heartfelt token for a colleague who loves to read (actual) books!

Or here's a smart idea: Are you a blogger or bizman/woman who constantly hands out business cards? Well, what about attaching your business cards at the back of these bookmarks as an effective advertising tool during the holidays? Normal people don't easily throw away cute things (just look at me). Say you?

Handmade gifts are much more special. Best of all, you're helping save the environment by repurposing recyclable materials. And that's like two birds in one shot! Handmade gift and saving the planet at the same time! Hurray!

To see the first part of this project, simply click here: Coasters and we'll transport you there in a flash!

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Next time, I'll show you how to make the YUMMY Indian Chai Tea.
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  1. I love the bookmarks too. Love the bright colors and stripes!


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