September 10, 2011

Remembering 9/11 - How would you tell your child about it?

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I was still in the Philippines when 9/11 happened. I just got home from work. Not long after that, a frantic call from a friend came through. I was told to turn the TV on quick! "US is under attack..." I was aghast at hearing those words, more so when I finally saw the images on TV. It sent chills all over my body. It was one of those things one will never soon forget...

10 years after...
9/11 is a part of US history that is truly difficult to explain to my own child now. How does one retell a gruesome human massacre? Or how deep hate claimed thousands of innocent lives to prove superiority?

I'd rather remember those who lost their lives and the family they left and how America stood firm in the midst of a painful crisis and remained steadfast. This is how I want my child to learn about 9/11. Not the hate. Not the horror of it. I don't want to create another hatemongering generation. Instead I want her to join me in paying the victims, their families and the heroes of that fatal day. God Bless them...God Bless America. America, my new home. Our country.

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