May 26, 2011

NO ONE Can Spell My Name...

Who? - Signs for reserved seats in my name inside theater during
 advanced screening of Pirates of the Caribbean where I was invited to.

Yes no one can spell my name...much pronounce it! And yes, I'm one of them individuals "blessed" with a, what most people would call, very "unique" name. So unique, NO ONE can spell or pronounce it! I feel so special already. Not! It truly is weird that a common name in my country is a "rare" unknown one in this country. So what's so "unique" about my not-so-unique name anyway?

A lot actually. First off, Maricris is a combination of two first names, "chopped" and put together to form one name. Pronounciation depends on whose saying it. If it's a Spanish-speaking person, vowels are pronounced as hard sounds. If it's an american, it sounded more like "Mary Chris" and spelled like it too. See the dilemma here?

I got creative though. I tell people to pronounce it like Merry Christmas without the "mas" and works ALL THE TIME. Kind of appropriate I think, since I was born 3 days before Christmas. But that doesn't resolve the issue in the spelling department though. Unfortunately.

And more unfortunate when I got married. Doubly so.

If you think it's already hard enough pronouncing my name, try adding my last name to the equation and then you tell me the meaning of impossible!

Yes. Yes. Yes. The thought of changing my name has occurred to me. But hey, where is the fun in that? It's actually funny seeing people with blank stares and puzzled looks whenever I introduce myself. Kinda like looking at a spaceman seeing an alien for the first time! Well, I was once considered an alien once before so I guess, that's acceptable.

But I love my name. Who else have a last name that's pronounced like lasagna and a first name that rhymes with "Merry Christmas"? Certainly not you. Unless you are my clone!

So just for fun, give it a shot and try pronouncing my name: Maricris Guadagna. How did you fare?

I've a very fair guess...uh-huh... Maybe I should just change my name to Jack Sparrow and be a captain of my own ship! What do you think?

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  1. Goodness! Sorry everyone has so much trouble with your name! My name is Melissa, and I think people spell it wrong about 50% of the time. Don't ask me how... but it happens.

    Just for the record, I think your name is beautiful!


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