May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides - A different Twist!

I was invited by Disney Films to preview Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides before it opened to the public with my 7 year old right-hand maiden. And for someone who had watched all the subsequent sequels, it is quick to see that this latest offering is strangely different from the rest! Appropriately titled coincidentally. So, is it worth watching?

Yes and No. Yes, if you are more forgiving and open to a whole new scenario that has no direct connection to the previous story plots that the movie is known for and still have lots of laugh in between.  No, if you'd rather not waste your time questioning the reason why the movie reverted to a more childish, tamer version of the movie seemingly written for the younger audiences. So tame, even a 7 year old movie-goer appreciates the humor.

The Story:
Captain Jack Sparrow {Johnny Depp} return as a shipless captain trying to rescue Gibbs from prison only to be hijacked by Captain Barbossa's hired men, who himself, is hired by the King to captain a ship to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. Sparrow was kidnapped so they can fish out informations on the exact location of such fountain. He is rumored to be recruiting sailors to crew "his ship" to set sail to the island where the fountain of youth is. Only to realize that someone is impersonating him after escaping his captors.

Impersonator turned out to be his mysterious love interest from long ago {not mentioned in previous stories}, Angelica {Pene'lope Cruz} who also turned out to be Black Beard's daughter. Betrayal after betrayal is the thick plot in this story as the race to reach the fountain of youth ensues. The movie was also peppered with love story not just between Sparrow and Angelica but also with one particular mermaid and a prisoner. Johnny Depp's comic antics was the saving grace of this movie. Otherwise, it would have been nothing but a dull, slow, uninteresting movie.
From a 7 year old critic's perspective: "I enjoyed it a lot. The highlight of the movie for me is the appearance of the mermaids and though the capture scene was a little scary, I still enjoyed it. Most of all Captain Jack is quite funny and the story is very funny too. I think the movie is made for me!"
If you are a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, don't expect too much out of this movie. You will not see a lot of the swashbuckling action and suspense provided by the previous sequels. Nonetheless, it is a good watch for what it's worth. And Disney being all about family fun, this movie can be a fun movie to watch during your family movie night!

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**Disney provided two media passes to preview the movie as part of this review.


  1. I really love the movie pirates of the Caribbean especially Johnny Depp. Congats to the team, they always entertain the audience. They deserve to be the box office movie.

  2. The movie was great. I saw it Friday, and I liked it. It seemed to be missing something or had too much of something but I really liked it. I loved the Mermaids!! Johnny is wonderful of course!

  3. This is really a great the pirates of the Caribbean, it is really a nice movie since the first movie episode. Even though there is a little change of the cast, I still love to watch it. Congrats to the team you mad it to box office.

  4. Definitely not the cream of the crop as the Pirates films go, with the 1st and 2nd one (in my opinion) being the best of the best. The film had its moments but they were few and far between and some parts were just far-fetched (more so than normal) – like Jack masquerading as a judge…
    The film was not the worst of 2011 but it was far from the best


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