August 15, 2011

Why Tru Twit Validation and Auto-DM's on Twitter Makes A Lot of People Unhappy

I have always loved Twitter and one particular reason is because it is a great tool for connecting and finding new friends to connect with in real time, not to say, the rare opportunities I discover when I'm there. But you know what irks me to no end?

My Top 2 Twitter Peeves:
Same sentiments I share with most. A new follower followed you and you followed back and you: 
  • Get this lovely (not!) canned response requiring you to validate yourself that you're a human and not a robot! - Don't validate the humanity of your new connections that you just followed when you yourself send responses sent by a robot itself. After all, you're the one who followed me and I just did you a favor by following you back. Kapiche?
  • Get annoying auto-DMs telling you to check their links and whatnots or selling you their stuff. - Talk to me first and maybe then, I'll check your links or buy your stuffs. Get to know me first. If you just followed me so you can send me your auto-DM then you have a misconstrued idea connecting on Twitter.
Really people.

Marketing Blunder.
I will not yet again repeat myself and say, stop driving away new followers with your auto-DMs and human validation tools! The only thing good it does is drive away new connections. If you're online anyway and have been following series of tweeples, then a short and sweet in-real-time response will go a long way. It's all about establishing connection and trust. Not intimidate potential clients. 

  • Engage
  • Connect
  • Socialize
So, who is the robot now?

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