August 12, 2011

Losing My Mojo - When A Blogger Can't Blog

I have been in California for almost three weeks now. Three weeks of sporadic blogging (or the lack thereof). Lucky if my brain sort of functions and I get a teeny weeny bit of interesting idea to write. Which at this point really is close to non-existent. What's odd? I would sit in a corner somewhere inside what I call "my mom's little house in the the high desert" and then an idea, an inspiration, would hit me. But as fast as I thought about it, the fast it eludes me when it's time to sit down in front of my ever-welcoming laptop. What the heck is wrong with that?...or more appropriately, me?

I feel like I'm inflicted with some sort of a bug. Nasty bug. Some bloggers call it writer's block, blogging funk, yadda yadda...though I personally prefer to call it, "lost my blogging mojo!" Yes mojo. Because it reminds me of my favorite Mojo Potato which I've never eaten in years. Yum! I miss it.

Just like how much I miss my blogging mojo. Which I should point out, is no fun when you lose it. No, not at all.
And though it happens to everyone, it still is NOT something to be happy about. Losing your blogging mojo is like a kid losing her favorite doll, or blankie or worst, her binkie! It' do I put No pun intended.
Seriously, I hate it when it happens. Do you?

Here are some ideas I scour around the web to "cure" this affliction.
They're good. But don't count on me. When I lose my blogging mojo, it's a while until I get it back unless a light bulb lights up above my head and I'm quick enough to cease the moment. But then again, I'm almost always not...
      Yet you know what? Come to think of it, no matter what experts or gurus say, when you hit a roadblock like this, it's always easier said than done. So I'll wallow in my helplessness in a while. And you know why? It is good to take a break and give our brains a break, some times. To let life be just life. Just like a nasty cold, you have no choice but to let it take its' course.
      My not-so-expert-but-works-recipe? If you don't have anything to write...write about NOT having anything to write. Just like what I did today! Not a guarantee my reader, nor multitude of fans (ok I made that up) will appreciate but seriously, the thing is, I was honest about it. Like Oprah said, "the real people with their heartfelt true stories in my show are the driving force of the show (or to that effect).

      And me? That's what I intend to do. To be real. Besides, this issue? It's always nothing but...temporary.

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      1. I absolutely hate when I have nothing to write about; so I don't write then. I admit that there is "not much going on" in life and maybe I blog her and there about the late bedtimes, the early bedtimes, the melted marshmallows, the UNEATEN marshmallows, etc., and the someone watches. Break out a bit surprise. Send everyone reeling. If you want to catch attention, you know how. If you want to be yourself, you know how to do that, too.

      2. OH honey. You know I know what you're talking about!! I've been there. More times than care to count. You'll come out of it...and being you are here is part of it. And you're readers will love you for it.

      3. i have it pretty bad too. here's hoping our mojo comes home soon!!

      4. I'm still new enough, I'm not sure but do your readers give you a hard time if you go weeks/months without a post? Just curious. I say do what you have to do and don't be hard on yourself until your mojo finds its way back to you.

      5. Writer's block is no fun. An old writing teach I had told me to wash the dishes and only think about the dishes. Then, sweep the floor and only think about the floor. Action without internal reaction helps reset the mind. And well, sometimes it works. (Wine also helps.)

      6. Wine definitely helps. Just don't hit post until the next morning! There are also great writing cues and prompts that get me going. Some I like are and

      7. I have soooo been there!! I love Becca's suggestion to help reset the mind. I always have to walk away, clear my head, then I am ready to go again!!@

      8. Great post! I created a blog summer camp just so I knew I would always have a writing prompt this summer. oooph. It's hard when the words just don't flow.


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