May 9, 2011

Donate YOUrself - 5 Unique Ways to donate without Money involved

11 inches of hair with LOVE!

I have 11 inches of my hair cut off just the past week to donate to Locks of Love. It's my 4th year donating. I was quite happy to finally be able to part with it. Because it means that it will go to an ailing child needing a hair in a form of a wig. It also means, I can finally have my short hair back! Win! Now, Do you know there are more ways to donate without writing a check and still make as much impact?

Here are some of them. You can donate your:
  • Old or gently used Bra - Yes bra! And yes, millions of women worldwide can't afford to buy them. Your bra donations will go to several recipients including homeless and abused women across the country, Dress for Success {which I also love}, Women in Uganda, and the poor who can't afford to buy a new bra. Check Bra Recyclers. They have a Bra Recycling Ambassador Program if you want to do more than donate.
  • Gently worn Shoes - If you're a woman like me and with children, I'm sure you've got tons of them collecting dusts in your closet.  Put them to good use. Donate your old shoes to Soles4Souls and your donation will help poor and underprivileged children recipients from the 125 countries they serve. Sign up for their Travel with Us Program if you want to distribute the shoes yourself in the country of your choice!
  • Old Prescription Eyeglasses - Don't throw them away! Donate them to OneSight who is in need of 2 Million gently used eyewear to help poor recipients worldwide who can't afford to buy one. Your donation will give someone the gift of a better sight!
  • Old Car - Instead of sending your old clunker to the junk or chop chop yard, donate them to Kars 4 Kids and help make a difference in the life of underprivileged and emotionally abused children. We have personally donated two cars to this organization. Mine and hubby's. 
  • Old Clothes - This is perhaps the most popular. Goodwill does a good job with them. But Dress for Success does more. It helps empower women towards self-sufficiency with the help of a donated interview-appropriate clothing to their organization! 
    We all have a giving heart but with how tight money is in this present economy, you simply can't afford to give some of those hard-earned money away. I'm Thankful that there are non-monetary ways to do it. Are you? I'm personally glad that there is! And I believe it means as much as money itself, if not more. Don't you think?
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    1. Another great place to donate clothes for women is Rape Crisis centers, particularly larger sizes, since women often have to give their clothes for evidence.

    2. Brilliant! I never even considered bras, and clothes to rape victims is equally brilliant! Thanks ladies!

    3. Thanks for the Goodwill shout-out!

      We are proud you listed us alongside a wonderful organization like Dress for Success. Goodwill is so thankful for the community's support. Without donations of clothing, household items, and even furniture and electronics, we wouldn't be able to offer free job training and employment services to help thousands of people in our community get back to work each year.


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