August 14, 2010

So This Is Blogher? - Initial Reaction - Recap Part I

And so Blogher finally came...

I went to Blogher empty { just like my wallet! } - empty like a cup. No clue what it's like. No set expectations. Just waiting to get my own fill. My tiniest inkling of what it's like were mere second-hand rantings and ravings from women who are forever intoxicated by the addictive bite of Blogher! { Pardon the vampire jargons but it is what it is }. Women I will simply call Blogher Mistresses. They live and breathe Blogher! They were there since the beginning... like cult followers. What got them hooked? I need to know!
And yes, I've NEVER been to NY either. Yes, go on and say "whaaatttt???" I've heard it so many times, I no longer care. All I know is that I needed to experience how it is to wake up in this city that never sleeps too { preferably at Hilton Hotel NY and not on it's streets! }.
And so I did. { no, not on the streets}
Famous Times Square
{ the hotel was walking distance to all the best sights in town}
View from my hotel room at 17th Floor
{ I can watch this view forever }
New York's Yellow Taxi Cabs 
{ fact: they're not as bad as I heard }

Blogher day 1.
My first day at Blogher started on Friday. It was like walking inside a new school on the first day of school. Everything looked foreign { coming from an Asian who is also an immigrant - that ring so true! } and I felt a little lost. There was a compulsion of running into a corner and never budging forever. I also felt somehow invisible. Does everyone else feels the same way? Crap! Not good. Everyone are running around like soldier ants. No clue who these women are! Swarms of women fill each nook and cranny of the conference hall rushing to get from point A to B. Some looked lost as I am. All I can utter to myself was "wow, so this is Blogher?" as I scan the room for familiar faces. Pure chaos so early in the day. I didn't know whether to feel impressed, intimidated or simply disappointed.
Newbie Breakfast.
Two breakfast went on. I managed to find my way to the newbie breakfast since that is what I am. A newbie { on Blogher's standard }. It's my first therefore I am. I found familiar faces and friends. It was a good start. I don't have any problems being surrounded by strangers but in a room full of unfamiliar faces, it is good to be seating next to one you knew - just to get you settled and at ease. Newbie anxiety ran high in that room! Not to say thousands of Estrogen running amok with excitement.
And so to this day, I'm no longer a newbie. I'm now part of the cult. My baptism of fire has been culminated. I'm a Blogherista... oh boy!

I'm not one to sugar coat my stories. What I SEE is what you get. And yes, there's a lot to say which as you can see will not fit in one post, which means you have to stay tune for the upcoming sequels. It gets juicier...

Next up: What is Blogher? Lessons learned - Recap Part II


  1. Sounds like you ended up having a good first day.Disney Social Media Moms felt the same way.. I can't imagine even at a bigger place like Blogher

  2. I love this, Maricris! And I love that I got to see you! I wish we could have spent more time together, but I'm saying that a lot after BlogHer! It was like racing around trying to get everything in, but if you get to Type A Mom, we'll get to talk more! Love your new look!

  3. I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet you! Can't wait to see your Recap Part II.


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