August 10, 2010

Flying the NOT-So-Friendly Skies

After 4 days of intense noise { my ears are still shot to this day } and running around like a mad mom at Blogher in NY, going home was such a welcomed idea. Though I would have  loved to see more of New York { hey it is NEW YORK } my sorry wallet and my sore body begged to differ. So home it is and fast!
Good bye NY!

Not with La Guardia Airport I later discovered. Check the video I took below while we were stuck in the runway. Maybe you can count planes along with me while we wait, yes?

A touching Mom Moment:
Few minutes up in the cloudy sky, we hit turbulence after turbulence that rattled the plane really bad { Remember that US Airways accident not too long ago? NY+ US Airways = Ok bad idea }. I got quite scared and started clutching onto the arm rest really tight and was explicitly grunting. My 6 year old daughter looked at me sincerely, pried my hand off and held it in hers and said "Mama it's OK. Inhale and be calm. It will take away your fearness". I almost cried.

So we're back home.
I need days to recover. Blogher was a fun experience but one that depleted all my energy. I'm totally wasted { not to mention I need some of that energy to go back to work - reality sets in really quick! }. And yes, NY is indeed a city that never sleeps. I made it there. Now can I make it anywhere? Let's see if I make it back to work in one piece this week.

Stay tune! I have more of this trip. One of them just might make you cry...


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