August 4, 2010

Off to NY to Make Lasting Memories

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm in FULL double-check-triple check mode tonight. This is one trip I don't want to mess up by FORGETTING the most important stuffs. I've had those times and they're not really pretty. This time, I'm making sure I'm NOT forgetting my phone charger again just like last time in another conference!

And since this is not only my first time at Blogher but also in NY, I need to make sure my mini-vacation and first taste of NY and Blogher is one that I'll cherish forever.

Watch this video and see what important last minute items I'm making sure I have for Blogher and how Kodak is helping me preserve my great memories for a lifetime!

Check my Channel to see more Zensible Mama videos. I invite you to subscribe as well. See you at Blogher!

**Kodak provided the product as part of the Kodak Bus Tour in NY **

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you're so organized. That stinks you forgot your chargers last time. Glad you planned ahead for ease of travel. I'm jealous of your fabulous Kodak camera. I've been wanting a pocket one forever and it sounds so user friendly! Take lots of pictures to share!


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