August 3, 2010

Why Getting { too many } Invites at Blogher is Pure Torture

As weeks got closer to Blogher, tons of invites from famous companies and brands started to flood my inbox! Like deranged Paparazzis determined to get me. Truly made me feel like a true celebrity! Happy yet crappy in the inside. Say, like Lyndsey Lohan perhaps? But I love each and every invite I get. I actually wish for more! Every one of them does wonders for my altered ego and I do teem with pride for myself like a puffed-up blowfish. Yes, they make me feel special. Most of these invites are from brands I would truly love to connect and work with.

Afterall, this is my first time at Blogher and to get this many invite is already an achievement by itself. Did I say, I was fabulous?

But here's the un-zen:  I can't go to all of them! I can be greedy but clearly it won't work either way. There's only one "me" and so many event invites that clashes with every other schedule I already said yes to. Can I have a mad scientist clone me? I have to turn down a few many events invite I seriously wanted to go to because it is happening the same time with another event of a favored brand. Isn't this just the purest form of torture?

I know this is a not an issue to some attendees and I do get why. I guess I'm just different {special child you say?}. Seriously, I think the cause of my dilemma stems from why I'm going to Blogher { No, it's not the swags}. Everyone goes for different reasons. I, on the other hand, zeroes in on the business aspect of the conference. So connecting with brands and learning the tools of the trade is my number one priority { Yes, I have big dreams too}. More brands, the merrier! Brings me one step closer to my goal.

But undoubtedly, in this scenario, disappointment can't be helped. Why can't just these brands converge and create a conference focused on just meeting the bloggers and connecting with them?! To me, that would be total shangri-la! - I w.i.s.h. a really famous brand stumbles across this post, partners with me and makes it happen. Until then wishful thinking...

Nevertheless, tortured or not, I too, exists to have fun so I do hope to reconnect with "old friends" who probably don't remember me { or clue who I am }, create new ones and make lasting impressions. See you at Blogher!  If I don't, send me a tweet or DM and I'll seek you out like a hot missile { or babe }.

Lesson I've learned: I can't have them all. It pays to choose wisely.

Check out the list of  Private Brand events at BlogHer 10. Where will you be?


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