August 23, 2010

The {Not so} Bloggers Night out with Martha Stewart

I never really asked for much going to Blogher this year besides the chance to experience it and simply enjoy NYC { just because I've never been to NYC} however, I got more than what I asked for. 

I was invited to attend Martha Stewart's Party. "A nobody". Invited! Some {BIG-ger} bloggers must be thinking, "No way! this gal don't deserve it!" I can only guess there was a lot of eyebrow-lifting when I spilled the news on twitter.

I'd be honest, I'm not a big fan of Martha Stewart but IT IS Martha Stewart! If she's willing to connect, then I'm willing! And you do know that when it has blogging written all over it, I'm on it, right?

I guess I was lucky. Some women were dying to get to this party! I was asked non-stop how I got invited. Seriously, I wish I knew { and I wish they had sent out the invites months in advance and not literally, at the last minute so I could have worked out my schedule better without canceling on other events I wanted to go to}. But there was so much buzz around it, I just have to go. I mean {not sounding idiotic} IT IS MARTHA STEWART.
I went with Jen {MommyInstincts} and Tara {MilitaryMama} with her cute baby to Martha's main headquarters, where the party is. We were held {yes, held. Sounds like a military camp, right?} at the lobby to wait for our turn to go up where the party is. We were not sure why they had to do that. Attendees were taken up by batch. Turns out, the party room was busting at the seam as we later discovered. If you planned throwing a party for 300+ some guests, wouldn't you provide a room big enough to accommodate them?
You know too that I don't sugar coat my stories so what I see is what you get. And I give it to them, the visual presentation and staging of each product that Martha carries and the people she has partnered with were done beautifully and meticulously but left out a crucial factor : the number of guests attending and the size of the party room. I don't know how the presenters survived all that noise for the entire duration of the event. To say it was noisy there was an understatement. It got so loud, it was disconcerting.  My ears were ringing and were shot for hours after I left the event and we didn't even stay for an hour. Yeah woe is me! We just couldn't. It was nice to see their effort to connect with us bloggers but unfortunately, there was an obvious disconnect. Martha came and stayed for a very short time { can't stand the noise?} and never really stayed to socialize with the bloggers. Given she's a celebrity. IT STILL IS HER PARTY. And there was one strict policy that I accidentally found out. No one is allowed to take pictures beyond the party area. I don't get that either.
So was it worth going?
Yes and no. Yes, because it is Martha Stewart. No because apparently, it all seem one-sided. Heck if you want to connect, be there until YOUR party is over. The frills and food were good but cramming 300+ guests who loves to socialize and can create a dinning noise that can reach up to the heavens in a small room is never a great idea. I'm not asking much. Just hoping that if someone does want to throw a night out party for bloggers, Martha Stewart or not, that they do their homework first and party in their own party! Oh and take note, majority of these bloggers are moms = babies in tow. I hope you would seriously consider that too!


  1. This post rings true ... I also attended several events where I thought we'd be networking but in reality it was a cattle call to give us free stuff. Not that I'm complaining but really? If you aren't interested in my should I really be all that interested in you? Just sayin'

  2. I completely agree Maricris and I am glad you put it in writing. And if I were you, I'd be sure to forward in on to whoever the invite was from for the Martha party. They did plan it late, but I wasn't invited to TOO many parties, and I did arrange my schedule so I could attend for a bit. Truthfully, it wasn't worth it. Yeah, the swag was nice (got lots of nice things my mother loved), but honestly, it was a joke. Too many people, loud music, teeny tiny room. I don't mean to sound like I deserved more, but you're right, if you are going to throw a party, be considerate as to how many people you invite and atleast give each person a little room to breathe. I would have thought it would have been organized much more smoothly, it's Martha Stewart for goodness sake. She is like the queen of parties and gatherings and socializing, or atleast I thought.

    It was great to hang out with you and Tara though!

    Love ya!

  3. How did I not see you there? Oh right... there were 300 guests! : )

  4. Wow! You would think that the queen of entertaining would know better than to try and stuff that many people into a room. Sorry to hear that it wasn't all that it could have been.

  5. Totally agree it was so overwhelming. Baby Violet got hit in the head with a camers and it was too loud to even talk to any of the presenters! And what - Mayo and Mac n Cheese? That confused me!

    That's me and Baby V in your crowded pic!

  6. Maricris, I figured it would be this way. I remember the blogger show she did, where the entire purpose was to get free publicity from the bloggers that weren't even treated that well. In the invitation, when it said, "Live Tweeting is encouraged, hashtag____" I turned it down.

    I think the Martha people honestly expect bloggers to be so thankful that they get to even be in the same room with Martha Stewart products that they will fall all over themselves to spread the publicity.

    I was kind of second guessing myself at BlogHer for not going, but I haven't really heard any positive reactions from it.


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