August 25, 2010

Bringing back the Joy with SoyJoy

Do you know the song that goes like this? "J.O.Y. down in my heart. Deep deep down in my heart!" Well, no, I'm not going to sing trust me but this is how I felt when I ended up deciding to attend the SoyJoy Breakfast event on my last day in NYC {in spite of my inner self insisting I shouldn't}. After all, It was my last day in the city, I should be out frolicking and enjoying the sights, right?

But you know me, anything that spells blogging, my name is plastered all over it. So I went. And am I so glad I did! It was the complete opposite of Martha Stewart {not so} Blogger's Night out Party. SoyJoy definitely get. it. 

 The SoyJoy team put together a very relaxing event and provided yummy breakfast food with omelette cooked at request by event Chef - yum! What a great way to wrap up a crazy but fun 2-day conference at Blogher.  Check out the video below and meet Cynthia Sass, co-author of Flat Belly Diet! Jackie Newgent {my shawarma lady}, author of Big Green Cookbook and if you scroll below, you'll see the personal trainer of Lady Gaga! Yes, Lady Gaga. I. kid. you. not!


Forgot to add him in my video. Technically, he wasn't really there. This was via Skype.
Harley Pasternak, author of the 5-Factor World Diet

On the aside, I don't really eat SoyJoy bars { besides my hubby who is vegetarian} but after tasting their new flavors, I was hooked. I l.o.v.e. the Blueberry flavor. And this coming from me, count on it, it's the real deal. Have you tried them before? What do you think of the product?


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