November 28, 2009

I've been E.l.f.d!

Remember what a raving lunatic  I was about E.l.f last time? Well, E.l.f. saw my tweets and was fascinated with my story that they asked me to further review their products! I was ecstatic of course and while doing the happy dance, I said "yes!" right away!  

Now you know I'm a working gal and much as I try to overcome my "ugly Betty" self most days, it just doesn't seem to happen! Lucky me after discovering  E.l.f, I am now inspired to un-frump myself each day! Now I always like the "natural look" because it's simple and easy to manage. The Au Naturale' look of E.l.f. seem to be the perfect choice! AND that is what I went for! You be the judge if I achieved the Look!

Here is a rundown of the collection:
1- Mineral Booster (sheer)
2- Mineral Foundation (light)
3- Mineral Concealer (light)
4- Duo Eye Shadow Cream (Olive)
5- Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo
6- Luscious Liquid Lipstick ( Pink Lemonade)
7- Mineral Eye Shadow Primer
8- Blush (Candid Coral)

The straightforward instructions online for the look were pretty simple and in no time I was putting on the make-up like a beauty expert myself. I was loving it! I tried the Look several times and experimented with different revisions each day and all those times my hubby couldn't even tell I was actually wearing a make-up. All he know was that I look different. "Men!" Then Thanksgiving day, I wore the Look again and I received countless wonderful compliments from all the ladies in the party I attended! I really think I made them jealous! See if you agree with them.

I'm definitely in love with this Look! The mineral powders are awesome. They're light and easy to apply compared to a liquid or cream foundation and feel weightless. Best of all, they are 100% natural and chemical free! Something I wouldn't mind putting on my face all the time. The concealer partnered with the foundation covers minor blemishes and the booster does gives your face a matte and polish look!

My favorite is the liquid lipstick. I use it everyday! The subtle tint is enough to give my lips a hint of color with a touch of shimmery glaze. I can wear it alone or over a regular lipstick. I'd say versatile! But what impressed me the most is the Mineral Eye Shadow Primer. I didn't like it the first time because it was a little messy to use and feels like your applying a blob of paste on your eyelids yet once I got the hang of it, I loved it. Though it's meant to work for mineral eye shadows, it works great with powdered eye shadows too! What I love about it is that enhances the color of the eye shadows to it's full potential.

I'm a big fan of waterproof Mascaras and one thing I love about the E.l.f waterproof mascara is that it doesn't flake. And though it is waterproof, it is easy to remove even with soap and water. Now that is fabulous! The Duo Eye Shadow Cream was also impressive, it retained its' color and is long-wearing. I didn't retouched even once for the entire day! Unfortunately, the blush did not give me the "blush" I needed but it is sheer enough that it blends in and doesn't give you that "clown look".

Overall, I like all of it! I'm officially hooked on E.l.f. and to prove that true, I was just at Super Target this week to get more E.l.f stuffs for myself and threw out all my other make-ups in place of E.l.f.! If you're looking for quality make-ups that doesn't put a hole on your budget, E.L.F. is the best choice! They're now available at Target / Super Targets and at Zellers in Canada.

So what's your verdict, do you think I achieved THE LOOK?


  1. I love your look... it's so natural. The most difficult thing to accomplish when putting on make-up is to get the no-makeup look. And you absolutely did it well.

    Ang ganda-ganda mo ha!

  2. You definitely achieved the look. Great job with a beautiful outcome. I'm a big fan of mineral makeup too. That's what I use. And eyeshadow primers really are great for keeping your shadow on all day. I need to refill my makeup bag, perhaps I'll give ELF's primer a try.

  3. Just checking in! Hope the journey is going fantastic!

  4. You look beautiful! I have bought Elf products before and liked them; you are reminding me I need to revisit the site and get some more!


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