November 8, 2009

This Mom Got Herself An E.L.F.

Photo Courtesy of E.l.f.

As a Mom, the idea of having Elves helping me out especially in the Glam Department is definitely appealing since I tend to neglect myself to a point of looking like an old hag who hasn't showered for days! And then run around Events unmade and unglamorous too! Yuk! right?

Now last week, Ted Rubin and @Askelf  has been constantly tweeting about E.l.f. hitting Target stores by Nov 1st. Oh Sweet Inspiratioooonnnn! I've never tried this brand before and have no idea how much they costs but I decided I should check it out and see what this hype is all about. So, this week I specifically went to Super Target just to check this new product out and what do you know? I ended up with some E.L.F. (or Elves) for myself! and best about it - without breaking my piggy bank!

E.l.f in action

You know what got me? The unbelievable price and the little "perks" that goes with the product! I gushed and ooh'ed and aah'ed like a lunatic just marveling at the price of each items! And so while other shoppers were looking at me crazy, I was busy snapping pictures to document my official adoption of E.l.f.!  I was never this excited with make-ups before! And if it weren't for my hubby and daughter being with me,  I would have bought the entire collection!

So, from this cluster of bounty:

I sanely snagged these:
  • Special Edition Mechanical Eyelash Curler - $1.00
  • 3- piece Eye Kit - $3.00
Can you believe the price? The Eye kit includes Brightening Eyeliner, Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo and Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara Duo AND only costs $3.00??? The Eyelash Curler with replacement rubber for a whooping 1 dollar??? Get out of this world!

As you guessed, E.l.f is now my new official Glam helper! It's not the kind of Elf I hoped for but this will do! Hmmm...and right now, I'm thinking a Pre-holiday Makeover Party for my mom group might just be an awesome idea...What do you think ladies?

And check this out! they are looking for models for their Face of E.L.F. 2010, you want to give it a shot? Ted also tweeted to me that I can get a free mini make-up collection for purchases I make online with this coupon code LOYAL just because they love their fans! Cool huh? You want the code? Grab it!

So I declare! E.l.f. = Best frugal choice!


  1. Wow. You can't beat those prices! And look at that beautiful result. Glad you were able to snatch up something just for you.

  2. Wow! I don't even wear make-up and i'd probably buy some at that price. Dang! One buck for an eye lash curler?! You could spend no more than $5 or $6 dollars a person and have awesome xmas gfits in minutes!

  3. You are so beautiful, Maricris! The ELF just accentuates your beauty!!

  4. ELF is awesome, I have been a loyal customer from my first purchase! They have amazing reviews on their website from customers and their prices are amazing. Read up on their about us, its fascinating.

    Can't wait to see elf in my target!

  5. Yay! I know nothing about make-up. This is really cheap and the make-up looks natural on you. I wish I had your own brows, hehee.

  6. I already rvd my free mini makeup collection and placed another order and getting yet another one. I also used code FREEMM! Great stuff!

  7. Girl you are truly beautiful, the makeup just highlights that fact. I am a big fan of E.L.F as a company on the whole, they just get social media and more so get women.

  8. It's great stuff I've been using it for a couple of years now. I log on and put everything I want in my shopping cart and no matter how hard I try I CAN'T spend $50 bucks!!


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