March 14, 2009

Not your Grandmothers Road Trip!

Life is unpredictable and NoThiNg is permanent except CHaNge! A continuous cycle... Like a hamster running around in circle on a wheel, it goes on and on and on... Hopefully, finding our purpose in life and achieving our goals beyond the dizzying spin.

This is what I hope to achieve...

With the unfortunate effect of the bad economy on us middle of the year, last year, along with the distasteful outcomes that followed it, Life decided that we're not that too beaten up yet so it's giving us another challenge to overcome. Am I ready to embrace this new real-life survivor challenge fate is throwing at us? I can only but grind my teeth!

My hubby's promotion to Lao Shr brings both good and bad. Yin Yang as it's called. You get both sides of the equation in life {no way around it}. Good because after 10 years, he finally reached the ultimate pinnacle of his training. Bad {in an essence} because this means we have to MOVE! Part of the moral code of his training is that no student can put up their school in close proximity to their "mother Guan". You don't compete with your alma mater! It is BAD WUDE!

MOVE = ROAD TRIPS {and lots}! Which makes me grumble every time I think of it. Moi being melodramatique?

Can't help it. Moving is not my best forte! U-hauls and moving vans are not my BFF's. Moving boxes are my predators! {I have yet to find someone who likes moving, do you?} BUT we've reached the end of the line in Charlotte and it's time {whether I like it or not} to hunt for the next "lucky" city where to build a new nest in. Our first trip was this Saturday and though it is not your typical weekend getaway, we made the most out of it. We toured:

Huntersville NC, well-known venue for the famous Carolina Rennaisance Festival held every year.

It's about 30 minutes away from Charlotte. A growing town yet noticeably still has that quaint little town feel to it. I've always been a city girl, since birth and now. So, sue me! Yes, Moi can be picky! I need more convincing...

Huntersville boast of multiple Parks which we managed to visit all of. One interesting sight we found was this antique Red Caboose serving as a landmark near the small Farmer's Market site.

Then the Malls. Visited ALL of them! OF COURSE! I'll never live in a town not knowing a single shopping mall I can run to for therapy! Touche'! The town has three major Shopping Centers : Birkdale Village, Rosedale Shopping Center and Northcross Shopping Center. I like Birkdale Village the most. It is a quaint, attractive shopping center reminiscent of small Villages in England. Best of all, it offers free wi-fi coverage on the entire village! Now, that's free perk for moi! Unfortunately, I didn't get to connect...bum!

Maybe Huntersville isn't so shabby a place to live in afterall. Though moving is a gross thought, things will not unravel until we've decided "this is it!" Until then, let me gripe, whine and grumble! I'm allowed. So there...


  1. I am a travelor at heart...but married myself a homebody. I spent the first 6 years of my life traveling all over...and I guess I never got over it.

    We have moved 3 times since we were married...and this last time taught me simply that we have way to much stuff...But I truly love the adventure of's a way to shake things up, start fresh, re-evaluate your environment...

    And road trips...I like the adventure of those too...but the joy factor truly depends on the company you are keeping...

  2. I was a military brat and am married to a military man moving is a part of life for me. I LOVE to move!!!! After you get over the hassle of packing and unpacking and deciding what to take and leave's a guaranteed adventure! Embrace the newness of everything and you'll come out just fine! ...and congrats to the hub's promotion!

  3. You go ahead and grumble, I'm not a fan of moving anymore after doing it approximately 22 times.
    Best Wishes to you and your beautiful family on this next adventure.

  4. Moving in college every year was miserable!!! I hated it! But your pictures look kind of fun. I hope everything settles down well for you soon.

  5. Hi!

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    God Bless,

  6. I'm actually trying to find a place to move to because my lease runs up in July and i want a new experience for a while.

    Good luck with the process, if it does happen.

  7. I wish I could travel! With 4 kids, taking a trip or vacation is rare!

    Stefani @ Mommy Enterprises


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