March 11, 2009

DW - Fancy is moi!

What is DeCode Wednesday? If you want to play along, just post a photo that has a "hidden meaning" to it or something that the naked eye don't see unless pointed out - the beauty of decoding! {Promise, it has nothing to do with your PIN numbers}

Feeling fancy and maybe you want to look fancy a bit? Well, then let the 10th Edition give you a little boost of inspiration! During our visit to Huntersville NC last Saturday, this is what we saw...

Classy French ladies a-socializing?
Les joli femmes! aren't they?

Oh look at those feather shawls and Tiaras
and fancy dresses and colorful outfits!
Are they prepping up for a show
or just having fun?

Look Closely!

They're lined up like us, waiting to get their Ice Cream fix
at Coldstone Creamery at Birkdale Mall.

Can you guess why they're all decked out and in fancy costumes?

If you guess it's birthday party-related, you're WRONG! No worries, I was too! As it turned out, this is the culprit :
Fancy Nancy! The little girl who likes to dress fancy! They decided, it was a good day to dress up fancy just like Fancy Nancy! Swweeetttt! I've never heard of this book but it looks like a very "influential" book! The Author is Jane O'Connor and is published by Harper Collins. According to the lady I spoke with at the shop, the book has been around a couple of years and already have quite a lot of series out in the market. I think I'll start my daughter with this book. She loves to dress up.

As with me, think my boss will fire c'est moi if I go to work in bright-colored heels, froufrous and Tiara?


  1. That was great to see them all fancy at Coldstone! I think you should definitely try out the brightly colored heels and feather boa...I'm not sure your boss would appreciate it, but I'm sure your readers would! :)

  2. That is just too funny! And yum, coldstone!

  3. It really is influential. Even the young "once" were "influenced"! I never heard of this book either. Geez, I've never ever heard of Twilight, hahaa! I must be "deaf". Should look for this book in the bookshop.

  4. Until I saw the Fancy Nancy picture I would have never guessed. haha

  5. It is nice to see the color pink pink pink love it,cute =) hi I would like to give you this uber amazing award congratulation...

  6. Never heard of that book..but that looks fun! My two roommates and I used to go grocery shopping in the evening in our matching PJ's :D

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, Maricris! You won the Spring Buds set from!

    Please e-mail me as soon as you can at JLMOUNT416 at GMAIL dot COM and I will get these out to you in the mail! Congrats again and please stop by Frosted Treats again to see what's sweet!


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