December 31, 2008

My 100th Post and the New Year

So it {finally} came! My 100th post
{which has been a struggle}
It's also time to celebrate New Year!!!

What a timing!
{Promise I didn't cheat!}

Now, I'm not good at creating resolutions {unless it is pixel related} or keeping them either, so I'll just choose the easiest route:

Cross my fingers {and toes} AND hope for a fruitful year ahead!

How I'm ending 2008


Last night, I {and hubby} took part in a small-group community meeting regulated by the Obama-Biden Transition Project whose key element is to revamp America's Health Care System with the help of collective voices and ideas from us, the people!

Health Care and Insurance plays a major role in our society, yet most of us can't afford it because it is one of the biggest money hog! It is with {BIG} hope that this project the new government has launched will help resolve this problem. Like I said: cross fingers and toes and hope!

Now Let's CELEBRATE New Year with a TWIST,
here are some fun, cool {wacky} things you can do at the strike of midnight :

Wear anything RED : it signifies good luck! {if you miss, try your luck on Chinese New Year}

Put lots of coins in your pockets : signifies financial bliss in the coming year

Put coins in a can or container and shake it hard
: it attracts monetary bliss in the coming year

Clang all your pots and pans or just make a noise { like Mushu} : drives away bad luck

Jump up and down : only for short people - it is believed to make you grow taller {magic grower, perhaps?}

Heck, just have fun!


Thank you for making this year a great experience for me. Your presence and visits here has been and always will be part of the inspiration of this blog...



  1. Happy New Year to you, Maricris!! May 2009 be a greatly blessed year for you!

  2. Congrats on your 100th post!

    You better believe I will be wearing red, jumping up and down with change in my pocket and taking turns between shaking the can of coins or clanging my pots! I can use all the luck I can for next year. :)

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post and Happy New Year!

  4. Hello Maricris..Our new year will be celebrated by hearing mass till the clock strikes at 12 MN.. my hubby is a Christian so we dont have parties unlike in Phils.

    How do you celebrate New Year in there, btw, what state are you, Im from California.

    Happy New Year my dear.. wishing you all the best in the year 2009!

  5. Congrats on #100! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. Happy New Year to you Maricris & thanks for stopping by earlier!

  7. Happy New Year my dear!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I wish you and yours a happy and healthy new year!

  9. Congrats on you 100th post - wow!

    And Happy New Year! (I love your tips for a happy 2009 - I'll be wearing lots of red but not jumping up and down...)

    Wishing you a fantastic 2009!



  10. Happy new year to you too! I wish I had read your "things to do on new years eve" last night...I need to be rich!

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a great and wonderful year.

  12. Happy New Year and congrats on your 100th post! Here's to many more! Okay, I'm off to shake some coins!

  13. For your constant tips, and uplifting posts, I have nominated you for the Lemonade award. You can find it here:

    Have a wonderful New Years!

  14. Congrats on your 100th post! I hope the New Year brings you great joy:)

    Happy New Year,

  15. You hit 100; yay for you! That is good timing with new years and I'm going to go clang a few pots for you! Happy New Year, my bloggy friend!

  16. Happy New Year!

    And congrats on your 100th post, that's cool that they fall on the same day, twice the celebrating!! :)

  17. First of all congrats on your 100th post! I love these tips and am going to wear lots of red and bang some pots! Love stopping by your site and I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  18. So Happy 牛 (New) Year to you!

    ╭┴──┤Happy ├╮
    │o o│牛year │●°
    ╰┬──╯    │ ∴°﹒
    ☆ | / /∴☆

  19. Congratulations on your 100th post, that is a great accomplishment. Happy New Year!

  20. I hope you have a very, very happy New Year! Good luck in 2009.

  21. Happy New Year my dear friend!!!

  22. Happy New Year! Wait a minute, na-greet na kita sa previous most ha. Ok, happy new look na lang, hehee! I like the fixed flower bg!

    Btw, I've searched that HT necklace before Christmas on Etsy but I couldn't find it anymore. I'll tell you later when I can purchase it as this dollar thing is still unstable up to now.

  23. Hi Maricris,
    Happy New Year and hope this 2009 will bring hope and prosperity to your family.
    I'm so glad and thankful to get to know you.
    Regards and goodluck.

  24. That's some great advice! I'll have to tell my mom about the jumping one. Although it might be a little too late for her!

  25. I should have tried the jumping up and down idea. Nah, only if it would make me skinnier, too.

    Good timing of your 100th post...congrats!

  26. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Congratulations on 100 and Happy New Year...both of them!

  28. happy new year and congrats on 100!!! i am almost to 100 myself and i can't figure out what the heck i want to do for it! here's to hoping 2009 brings wonderful things to your life!

  29. Congrats on your 100th post..that is awesome!! :)


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