September 20, 2008

Siesta Saturday - A Day of Thanks

MABUHAY ! In the Philippine Islands, Siesta is a big part of each day. A time to take a break, nap or just unwind. It's but a lazy moment...

When I first started out blogging (and not know any better), I have posted a challenge that went down with a big thud! It was a good post in spite. It had been an inspiration of how a Positive outlook helps a lot to conquer a dark & bleak day ahead which is timely for me as this excerpt transcends for me :

"I want to recap my week with a focus on Gratitude. Ironic as it seem, it is human nature to easily remember the negative things rather than the positive things that happens in our lives, or actions done to us by other people. We call these negativity many names and sometimes etch them in stone with anger and hatred. How long do you hold a grudge against a person that has done you wrong? Sometimes it takes a lifetime for others". - from Gratitude Journal Challenge
I might resurrect the Challenge in the near future but as for now, I want to list the things I'm grateful for:

1. Thankful that I (still) have a job - I was thankful then and I'm still thankful now! Yes, especially now!

2. My Craft and Jewelry Creations are selling - It's not much right now but it's a good start.

3. Creative Talent - I'm so grateful that I was blessed. It sure comes in handy when put in good use!

4. Health - I have been grateful that after major non-sleep nights in weeks on end trying to create crafts and jewelries, I haven't been sick except for a minor cold.

5. Family and Friends - My family and I are specially grateful for those who have shown love in their own ways. You are the wind beneath our wings that kept us soaring and flying! Thank you...

What are the things you are thankful for today? or are you like others who hold on to a grudge longer than life itself rather than be forgiving ? Are you a Negative or Positive ion?

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  1. I am glad that you have so much to be thankful for, and I hope that in time, you have even more items to add to that list!

  2. yehey! at last nakasali ulit ako c: i pretty much love this siesta sats na gawa mo c:

    well am a positive ion c: be posting mine today too c:

  3. Great post. Very glad that you are looking at the positives instead of the negatives right now. Its hard to see the positives sometimes, but they are always there. Each day that we are breathing is a positive =)

  4. Hmm, I had my own version of Siesta Saturday yesterday. I took the kids to a festival at the harbor, while my hubby stayed home to snooze. I think I'll post my list next week :)

  5. i posted my siesta sat already at my mommy blog also i have a poem for you and a tag hope you could see it's in my new blog

  6. Sad to say, I didn't have a relaxing Saturday siesta cos I was practicing to drive. I need a driving license so badly, that's why.

    It's good to know that your etsy store starts selling. It's a blessing!

  7. hi maricris ;-) its me again; do you still want to join the creative swap? should i add you to the roster for november? ;-)


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