September 13, 2008

Siesta Saturday - Where do we go from here?

MABUHAY ! In the Philippine Islands, Siesta is a big part of each day. A time to take a break, nap or just unwind. It's but a lazy moment...

It's saturday and I so need this siesta! Been working myself crazy the past few weeks. I need to relax! And while I'm doing that, I will contemplate on this bug that hubby implanted on my brain - the ultimate question: Where do you wanna live ?

There's really nothing else holding us back in Charlotte, NC except for my job and his much awaited Certification for Lao Shr (Teacher) level in Tai Chi which he'll get by February of Next year. After that, we're pretty much free willy... We'll let life take us where it wants to bring us. My daughter wants to live in Hawaii ! hmm... Sun, Sand and Beach...Not a bad idea...I would be more than happy to kick off my shoes and hop in that hammock and dream the day away!

So, care to join me today and maybe share some interesting ideas with me ? Do you have any dream place or even a country, where you want to live and what is so special about it that you wish you can live there?


  1. Aloha, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I have Filipino blood. I'm what you would call a mutt :) I also have Japanese, Hawaiian, and Scotch/Irish blood. See, a mutt.

    I was born and raised in Hawaii. The cost of living there is so high that we were forced to move here; Washington. Also, the public education system in Hawaii is-how do I put it mildly? Well, is below average. Yet another reason why we chose to move away from Hawaii. So, although Hawaii is a beautiful place, it's not exactly the ideal place to raise children.

  2. And you will be saying Aloha when you move to Hawaii :-). It's a good place and there are many Filipinos there, they say.

    Btw, I like the Hawaiian Touch. I forgot the name of the other one, but I think I will go for HT first.

  3. Hawaii does sound like a dream. I can just see you now, sitting at a table of your deck, looking out at your daughter running freely along with beach, crafting supplies laid out in front of you.

    Go for it.

    I have always wanted to visit Egypt. Maybe I'll get there one day. As for living, I have really been thinking a lot about down south lately, like Atlanta GA. We'll see what the future holds.

  4. Hawaii does sound good. We did consider that move a couple of years ago. The only problem we had was the lack of family. We have a great deal of "older" family members that we would leave behind. We thought about it...and decided no. In reflection....I kinda wish we had moved.

  5. Hi Maricris! Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up on Blog Around the World! Thanks for stopping by and check in daily to see where we are headed!

  6. Move to Indiana, then we can hang out.;) But on a serious note, I'd look for places with a low-cost of living, yet good school system. Northern Kentucky is actually pretty nice, because you are close to Cincinnati, but the cost of living is low and schools are good.

  7. i have been waiting for this last week pa :c ngayon late nako :c kasi tuesday na :c

  8. I never thought I would say this, but I would really love to move back to England!

  9. You have neat-o the fall wreaths/decor.

    I was reading this, and saw Tai-chi. My doc has recommended this to me, and no one I know seems to know much about it! I've looked on the net, but testimonials of people I "know" is what motivates me to try something new! Is there a site you could recommend?

    Thanks for checking me out today!! I just love comments!


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