July 12, 2008

Weekender Post

I want to recap my week with a focus on Gratitude. Ironic as it seem, it is human nature to easily remember the negative things rather than the positive things that happens in our lives, or actions done to us by other people. We call these negativity many names and sometimes etch them in stone with anger and hatred. How long do you hold a grudge against a person that has done you wrong? Sometimes it takes a lifetime for others. I know someone close to me that did and sadly, it didn't do her good. She was miserable for years! So, I'm throwing in the red flag your way. Unless you're in denial, then stop right here and read no more! This is for the brave of heart and conscientious soul...no, actually, this is really easy! This is what you need to do: for the next couple of weeks, create a little journal of things you're thankful about. Write even the simplest things and next to it is the reason why. At the end of the 2 weeks, take time to read what you wrote and find out what feeling it gives you and how all that positive chi(energy) starts free-flowing. The challenger who wrote the most, wins the challenge and will be my featured post & blog for the week. If you want to take the dare, sign up by leaving a comment with your name and blog url (or not if you have none).At each week of the 2-week challenge,submit your list, so I can tally your numbers.

Here is my Gratitude list for this week:

1. Thankful that I (still) have a job - with the economy now,a lot of people are either losing their jobs or finding it hard to find one. Most of all, 2 working couples is better than one(right now).

2.Thankful that I was sick for 4 days - not fun but I did get to spend more quality time with my daughter that I normally couldn't do during the week. She now knows how to spell cat and... Mom (her favorite word!) - best of all, I lost 3 lbs.!

3.Thankful that I have a Child-I was stressing about not getting pregnant again when I wanted to, but then I think about women who couldn't even bear one child. I have one. I'm blessed nonetheless.

4. Thankful for a loving husband - who always takes care of lunch & ready in time for me when I come home. I don't cook much anymore. He does!

5.Thankful that I am in the US - and in a better living condition. I grew & lived in a 3rd world country. I know how it's like to be poor.

There you go. I'm sure you have a lot to be thankful for.Write them down & see how just by simply reading what you're thankful about dramatically changes your perspective of your own life. Remember,submit your 1st list on July19th. or you can just keep them to yourself & be inspired by it (",) or share it to us and inspire others.


  1. This is a re-post. For some odd reason, I mis-post this by re-saving it as a draft rather than publish last week. But hey, the challenge is still on. You can submit your entries by July 19th or sooner...

  2. My hubby had quoted some of the things he was grateful about on saturdat, but by default he is disqualified...I hope everyone had some of their own too!


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