July 9, 2008

What the Heck! Migraine Headache!

Let me take a little detour...How was your 4th of July ? Mine was great considering minor weather upsets that dampened our spirits a bit with the forthcoming notion of not having fireworks due to bad weather that prevailed til late that night. Fortunately, the sky in Charlotte, NC finally smiled at us & we managed to see fireworks afterall.

A sunny,bright day at Lake Wylie....

turned dreary & stormy...that gave way to Fireworks!!! God Bless America....

Now for the real reason for this post...
Who amongst you experience headaches ? to be precise, those head-exploding, throbbing Migraine headaches ??? Over a year, it is estimated that 90% of the population get at least 1 headache. And if you're a woman like me, you're in bad luck! 25% of women and 8% of men get migraines sometime in their lifetime. To me, It is one of the top reasons I miss work. When I get it, it's usually baaaadddd! I had it since saturday & let me tell you, it was way too rough. It sneaked up on me like a thief in the night. All of a sudden I have this massive headache, I was sweating hot inside a cold room, probably due to my body reacting to the pain. I commenced the entire day puking my guts out. No fun!

Hopefully this new device that was recently invented will solve this problem for Migraine sufferers like you & me. Called a transcranial magnetic stimulation device (TMS), it transmits magnetic pulses that interrupt the "hyper-excitability" of neurons in the brain, which some experts believe is to blame for launching the migraine. The device is portable and weighs about 3 pounds. It looks like a box with two handles on either side. It works as a zapper that zaps the pain impules in your head. Manufacturer hopes to market the device within 6 months and after approved by FDA. I guess, I'll be popping in more pain relievers till then.

Early prevention is always a lifesaver especially when it concerns our kids : See if your child exhibits any symptoms that points to Migraine Headache in Children .

As for me, I missed work since Monday. I tried to work Tuesday but only managed to work half-day. It's wednesday now, I'm in my jammies & I'm still home sick. I must have caught something else...oh well...there goes my paycheck !


  1. it's been a while since i last had a headache pero it's nothing head-splitting like a migraine. i hope you fell better now. :)

    ok naman 4th of july namin, medyo humid nung lumabas kami pero the fireworks show was well worth it. :)

  2. Awa ng Dyos! Yoko na magka-migraine ulit (knock on wood!). Buti naman at nag-enjoy din kayo during 4th of July.


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