July 4, 2008

The Victory is Mine !

Happy 4th of July to each & everyone! American or not, Asyano o Arabo, Pinoy o hindi, nasaan man kayo sa amerika, ipagdiwang natin ang kalayaang tinatamasa natin sa bayan ng malaya! At ating alalain ang mga nagbuwis ng kanilang buhay kapalit ng kalayaang ito para sa lahat...

4th of July is about victory and as my little tribute, Here is my own short version of Victory- "how I became the Clothespin Goddess for a night".

I was at a friend's baby shower last night. The best part of parties like these, besides the food, are the games. One of them was the "clothespin snatching" : each one gets this cute tiny pink clothespin clipped to your shirt or anywhere else conspicous and the only way to retain it is to never ever cross your legs! "yeah right, how difficult that could be!?" - well, for if you do, whoever see you do it first, that person gets to snatch your clothespin away and it's hers. Ok the rules are so simple, right ? - Well, not with a room filled with a dozenful or so women "trained "to cross their legs at every chance they get. So , for me, the fun immediately began as soon as I clipped my pin on. I called out on one mom who didn't even get the chance to clip hers on, and on another and another. I was literally, "ambushing" everyone! But of course, a game is not a game w/o a competition. One of the girls was aiming to oust me from my current position, but I remained unfrazzled, for right after threatening me, she crossed her leg and I got her ! In 2 minutes tops ! hurray!!! I was Victorious! I was declared the clothespin goddess for the night along with a prize.I made my little princess proud (who has put claim on my pink clothespins and is her prized possession now). Best of all, I had fun !

Ok we're off to party at a friends' place by the lake & enjoy some fireworks! y'all have fun and be safe...Happy 4th!!!


  1. haha, naalala ko yung baby shower natin for theena, ang rule naman ay kung sino ang magsasabi ng word "baby" lalagyan ng perdible. the more perdible mas talo. :)

    dami talaga pakulo pag bebe shower, hehe.

  2. OO nga. May pix ka ba nung Baby shower nya epsecially the umbrella? Di ako prepared nun. Wala ako dala cam. Padala mo naman sa akin.Thanks!


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