July 13, 2008

Sound Effects of White Noise

Have you ever dabbled on the effect of white noise to give you sound snooze? We, in my household uses a white noise generator to mask annoying external noises -we live near a major road & the airport - at night so we can get some Zzz's. My Geek hubby sent me this interesting link by I Dose that offers more than snooze dose and of which I thought is worth sharing to insomniac bloggers like me. It has interesting options with Silly titles like Aspirin which is good for headache and Red Bull, for you know what. I'll see about Coffee break which claims to be an energy booster. They're downloadable & provide streaming links.

I Dose says: Binaural beats affects our brainwaves directly, and can stimulate various states, such as altering moods, behavior and consciousness*.

What do you think of this funky approach?I am quite intrigued of whether this really works as claimed. Below is the downloadable links. Will you please let me know if they worked for you?

What should I do to try this out?
1. Sit or lay down in a comfortable place.
2. Wear your headphones.
3. Choose your desired state from the following list.
4. Close your eyes, and enjoy the ride:)

Super brain (Recommended before problem solving activities)

Inspiration and Creativity (Recommended for artists, writers and generally man of letters)

Coffee break (Recommended instead of coffee drinking)

Aspirin (Recommended against headaches)

Relaxation (Recommended at the end of busy days or weeks)

Meditation (Recommended for meditation and healing)

Pain Killers (Recommended against any kind of pain)

Lucid dreams (Recommended for intense dreams, Out of body experience and Astral projection)

Red Bull (Recommended for energy boost and for reducing sleeping hours)

Mirage (Recommended before art & creative activities)

Focus (Recommended before activities in which you should stay sharp and quick)
* Please note, that these tones, and music is not by any mean, a replacement for Medical treatment.

White noise - n. a sound containing a blend of all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band.



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