July 30, 2008

Ergonomic Gadgets for Computer Savvy Moms (who blogs)

Blogging is fun but it can also bring a lot of aches and pain, especially on your wrist. I should know because I suffer from it. All that typing and repititive finger-pouncing strokes on that keyboard can take a toll on your wrists, fingers and hands. Common problems from daily (blogging) typing, if not careful can lead to several injuries including inflammation of the nerve or tendon (Tendonitis) or worst CPT(Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Working moms who are basically confined in a chair in front of a computer each day-like me- are the worst sufferers. Before you start pounding on that keyboard, consider these ergonomic gadgets to help your blogging and work experience a much more pleasant one.

Arm yourself with these cool tools:

a) ClikArt Geo Combo Mouse pad: Non-Skid Rubber Base.Used for Supporting Wrist for Increased Comfort, Desk Space, Compatible with All Mice , Non-Slip Surface, Cushioned Design, Soft Memory Foam Wrist Rest. It has trendy designs to choose from and you can get them for $9.99 at Target (where I got mine). Cheap enough but the comfort it gives your wrist is priceless.

b)Targus X Mobile Notebook Stand: Works two-ways. It helps air and cool the back of your laptop then elevates your laptop to a comfortable angle to alleviate pressure on your wrists while typing. It is very handy and folds neatly like a tripod and is adjustable. You can also get them at Target for $29.99 .

I personally love this. Only downside is that it is not like a lapdesk that you can set on your lap when you're on the go. But it's still worth it especially for SAHM or WAHM who uses laptops at home a lot, like me.

c) Lumbar Support Cushion : You shouldn't be caught without this. If you love your back, get one of this! Sitting for a long period of hours can cause a lot of back issues. Take preventive measures by using a lumbar support everytime you sit infront of your PC or laptop. For a cheap version that works, try Invacare Lumbar support cushion for $24.99. I'm using one of this at work. Helps a lot!

Be good to yourself ...Blog Happy...Don't say, I didn't warn you!

Was this helpful to you? Let me know.


  1. I don't use any of these, but I'll have to give them a try as any extra comfort while blogging is welcome!

  2. Sometimes I have pains on my right shoulder after sitting long hours in front of my pc. When I feel the pain, I just stop and have some rest. I like that notebook stand, it can be used anywhere, especially travelling with a laptop.

  3. I need a chair! My back hurts! There is no place to put a lumbar support pillow. ARGH.

  4. I really need to do something for my wrist. By the way, I tagged you! Check it out here http://beth-sunshinedaydreamz.blogspot.com/ if you'd like to participate :)

  5. I've found the MouseBean really awesome for wrist support. Not sure where you guys are from but I'm in NZ and its $24.95 :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have got to try the wrist support and the notebook stand. I've never seen the notebook stand but yes, anything that helps with the ergonomics of all the time at the computer is welcome. I recently bought a Herman Miller chair on Craigslist and that's made all the difference for my back.


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