July 28, 2008

Working Mother Syndrome

Working Mothers Beware! You might have it but not know it...WMS is the most undiagnosed disease, severely symptomatic, causes are known, but no known cure except maybe stay home! Early detection is the key, see if you exhibit any indication that you are inflicted with the disease:

Low-Tolerance Levels: you're highly irritable! Can't stand anyone in the office. You're tired of your boss. Tired of your co-workers. Tired of your office. Tired leaving home in the morning. Tired of your work. You're just simply tired of anything that has to do with the word WORK!

Low-Energy Levels: you're simply tired all the time! And you feel sick most days! The mere thought of getting up in the morning to get ready to leave work, zaps your energy level down to a mere 10% (the bed instantaneously becomes your bestfriend!) And by the time you get to work, your energy level had dipped down to 0%!

MOOD swings: you're happy one day, frustrated on another day. You're bored today, highly productive the next day. Its like going thru menopausal or having PMS. You are just one hormonally-charged atom! - oddly enough, you get these mood swings ONLY when you're at work!

The Big D: Depression.period.

"I wish" Nigtmares: I wish I could just stay home...I wish I could stay in bed longer...I wish I have more time (to blog and hop-blog and twit)...I wish...I wish...

Insomnia : you start suffering from lovinitbeingathome-induced insomnias. You get wired up and alive as soon as you get home from work- like a boost from a cup of good java coffee (besides blogging)- that fires you up until the wee hours of the night. You lose track of time doing this, doing that, tinkering here, tinkering there (blogging left and right), next thing you know, it's way too late in the night. Z is your most dreamt of letter in the alphabet! You're just one restless mama!

and last but not the least:

WAHM and SAHM attacks
: You get mild WAHM and SAHM attacks more frequently. The attacks lasts for a day or two. And during this attacks, all you can think about during and after each day (besides blogging and twittering) is how to become a WAHM or SAHM. You're inconsolable! If you exhibit any of these general symptoms, please see your blogging advisor or your twitter clinic for immediate help.


  1. Too cute. And based on your tweets yesterday I am assuming that you are suffering from said affliction! Oh, and by the way - I would be honored to give you an autograph. : )

    I do love that blog and what did impress me was hearing from directly from someone at mom central (I signed up to join their Blog Tour to do product reviews) who referenced my post!

  2. Hi Zen,

    Interesting post you have here. I do feel LTL especially in the winter, and am having insomnia in the summer when the sun is up till midnite, hehee. Seriously, I wish I could just sit and blog and blog.

    Btw, you're also a juggle like me. But what's lacking in my life is a child. Yes, thanks for accepting my ad in mybloglog. :-;

  3. oh my, I definitely suffer from this! I'm blessed to be a teacher and get some time off during the summer, but this is soon to come to an end as I go back to school. Unfortunately, I've had this awful rash from Hades and haven't really been able to enjoy my SAH life as it is for now!

  4. I had one of these days earlier this week. Driving 26 miles one way to only return. That is life. We have to move right along.


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