June 20, 2008

Got Blog on your mind ?

When you awaken, do you open your laptop or sit in front of your PC 1st thing in the morning and check your blog? Or go to bed thinking what your next blog is going to be ? You check your blog one last time on your internet-capable mobile phone before sleeping ? You keep checking your blog every chance you get ? Or you keep enhancing the look of your blog whenever you can?

uh, um, I...I do...*whispering* (imagine me feeling all queasy admitting just that! like someone just twisted my arms to confession)

And before you judge me...let me narrate (justify) why I have blog on my mind...

I am a working mom who work full-time, 5 days a week, with a 4 yr. old (actually, I feel more like I have 2 kids- hubby being the "big" kid) , who (thought) has no time for anything else (including for myself )! When I say "no time", meaning, no time to cook (always rushing to go to work and very tired after I get home from work). Even my breakfast reflects this deficiency (or incompetence thereof) which always consists of 1 piece of waffle or half a bagel ( easy meal, also good for my weight) just because it is quick and easy but filling nonetheless ( and still healthy), coupled with either coffee or tea (if hubby is feeling amorous )or just plain water.

Then of course, there's the no time to clean ( I'm best friends with the dust bunnies now and don't tell my mother!)- no need to elaborate on this one. All i can say (like I say many times), I work and I have a 4 year old and that's all you need to know ( Wish my mother was here though!- needless to say, she's a clean-freak but in a good way especially for me) .

And like any Mothers in the world would perfectly know, No time for myself ( i can just see my hubby reacting!). In between work , being a mother, a wife and a friend , and trying to set up my own business, it's just about enough to deplete any remaining time I have to do anything else (fun) . In short, I just don't have time!

Then one day, I finally decided to set up my own personal blog...Eureka! I found my "me time!"

Since then, I haven't looked back. Blogging completely swept me away to me-me-land! I didn't know how enticing( addictive) it is. I'm officially hooked! Blogging is my new vice! It is also my buddy during nights I get insomniac ! like a new cool toy, so new you can't get enough of it. I will enjoy it for as long as it last! But that of course, doesn't mean I'll live a "castaway" life from now on. For your info, I'm planning a date with my girlfriends ( who, you guessed right, also has NO TIME for themselves anymore) to go out and do something. It will be a "me-time" date. So wish me luck! - no wish me time! (",)

What about you my friend ? Got Blog on your mind ?


  1. yup, four years and loving every minute of it. wala na yatang mas addict pa sa akin, i have so many links that i'm all over the place, haha! :)

    blogging din is my "me" time, its the one part of the day when i can make chika with my blogging berks. :) alam mo naman i live for chika! :D

    so hayun, good luck and keep up the good work! :)

  2. Salamat! Paglaki ko gusto ko maging katulad mo! eks! hehehe. Kung pang-famas lang ito, one of my gratitude credits will go to you! (",)


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