June 22, 2008

Blog stats anyone ?

Admit it, Blog stats plays a big role in your motivation to blog, doesn't it ?

Honestly, since I started blogging, that little number ticker has played a relevant role to why I am (motivated) inspired to continue blogging. *Kahit na minsan eh feeling mo walang nagbabasa ng nobela mo ( na pinag-hirapan at pinagpuyatan mong isulat )O kahit na wala man lang interesadong mag-komento. Bakit kaya ?

Well, I'm fairly new to this trade. *Siguro nga kailangan lang ng konting pasensya at tiyaga (para may nilaga). Neneng pa lang ako sa blogging na ito. Pag nahasa eh, maaabot ko rin ang bituing madaming ningning. Napakanta pa tuloy ako...

For some Dig this ! tips : This are two websites I found that offer free traffic counter w/o the hassle of signing up. Just Pick and use right away! I'm currently using one of them.


Happy Blog stat watching !

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  1. eto pa tips, you have to really make a career out of bloghopping. swerte kasi kung may mapadpad sa ating little corner of the cyberuniverse di ba? pero once you start hopping, people will know where you're from and they'll eventually drop by to return your visit.

    also, join some memes! eto expert ako dito, haha! :)

    and also, always reply to comments para feeling welcome naman ang guests. :)

    yun lang naman, just watch and little by little you'll be welcoming more visitors than you can count dito sa iyong little niche. :)

  2. uy, Thanks for the coooool tips! Dapat nga cguro eh that should be my new vocation...(",)- salamat!


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